High Resolution Watercolour Photoshop Brushes

It’s time for some free high resolution Photoshop brushes again. This time I made two sets with a total of 51 watercolour brushes. Resolutions are between 1480 px to 2500 px. I followed BittBox’s tutorial and hopefully you like the result. Feel free to use them as you wish. You need my permission if you want to distribute them. I’m looking forward to seeing your designs.

Download Set 1:

contains 1 .abr file inside .zip archive – 39Mb

Download Set 2:

contains 1 .abr file inside .zip archive – 32Mb

Written by Franz Jeitz

Franz Jeitz is a freelance designer and owner of Fudgegraphics. Originally from Luxembourg he now lives in London. Franz loves design, music and is a tea enthusiast. Follow him on Twitter.

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  1. oh i’m definitely going to be using these!

  2. wow! this is great. Hopefully I’ll be able to put these to use soon. Thanks again.

  3. Gracias! Thak you!! Grazie! Danke!!! Gràcies!
    Im going to try it right now but I love this kind of brushes!

  4. these are fantastic!
    thank you very much :)

  5. Glad you like them!

  6. hi, great looking brushes, i wanted to showcase some of your brushes on qbrushes but wanted to know the license/user agreement. thanks

  7. hi..

    downloaded your brushes. love them. great work sir.

    was gonna send you a piece i did with them but can’t find how to send it.
    let me know how i can do that. mail me and i’ll reply with the pic.

    thanks again…your a top bookmark to have.


  8. Have several sets of watercolor brushes and these are up there with my favorites by deviney

  9. Nice brushes….thanks =)

    Iness last blog post..Stina Persson

  10. thanks!

  11. Mi pregunta es si las herramientas pueden utilizarse en Photoshop y Corel Draw 14
    Respuesta porfavor (dudas)

  12. ok, so where’s the download link?

  13. I’m sorry, I had some technical issues lately. The download links are up and running now. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  14. Nice brushes thanks

  15. Thanks!

  16. Thanks~

  17. Thank You.

    Tomek´s last blog post..Jak si? zalogowa? po usuni?ciu bloku Logowanie?

  18. a good idea to involve such elements – maybe also into the design of a site… thanks

  19. Beautiful stuff, thanks for the upload!

  20. wow! those´ll awesome, a million thanks from spain!!

  21. thanks bos.its a nice job.
    .-= info usaha purwokerto´s last blog post: Keripik Nangka | Produk Hasil Pertanian =-.

  22. very useful . thanks a lot

  23. let me try first,but seem all great.whuiih!!1 by 1 i’ll try.thanks Bos.pram from Indonesia say HELLO There.
    .-= info bisnis´s last blog post: Properti di Purwokerto | infobisnispurwokerto.com =-.

  24. Man, where would I be without Photoshop lol. Thanks for the brushes! Much appreciated!
    .-= English Dubbed Anime´s last blog post: Ceres, Celestial Legend English Dubbed =-.

  25. I am strating doing some painting in photoshop, I hope these brushes will help. I will try. Thank you very much for your support. Your friend José.

  26. Thanks SO much! I am new to Photoshop after years of PaintShop Pro use. Thank you for sharing these brushes! LOVE them!

  27. Thanks for sharing,can’t wait to play around with them.

  28. good stuff thanks.

  29. Maria Colon December 9th, 2009

    great brushes these will be very handy. Thank you

  30. great!!

  31. cool

  32. Dear sir

    I like this site very much,because i am a bigner,this site very helpful for bigners

  33. great thank you

  34. great quality brushes.. thanks..

  35. Just wanted to say THANK YOU for all of your amazing brush sets! I know that you have spent a lot of time on them and I just want you to know that your efforts are very much appreciated. Cheers.

  36. hi, m actuzlly not gettin the right format… how to download these brushes.

  37. nice brush
    thanks for your share :)

  38. Thanks for sharing. this is good….

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  40. Thanks for sharing this! It’s a pity that it’s short:)

  41. coollll ^^ very useful for a PSD beginner like me.
    thk alot for sharing ^_^

  42. Thanks for sharing. good stuff. =)

  43. sivaperumal August 9th, 2011

    downloaded your brushes. love them

  44. would love to use your brushes for our next online student-run magazine, college and cook!

  45. Thanks so much for sharing your work! :)

  46. t

  47. thanks for your sharing…i like it..good job

  48. thanks for yor article, good job and good sharing

  49. These are so great! Thank you for these and for all the other wonderful things you offer here for free. I’m going to have so much fun playing with these brushes. Thanks!

  50. Thank you! I found this from a tutorial I found here: http://christinesmith.net/how-to-make-art-bytes-multi-colored-in-photoshop-or-pse/

  51. Thank ya so much

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    You might need to dust your rolling pin with flour too, if
    the crust sticks to it too much while you are rolling.

    They can use quality produce to make simple and great flavors.

  53. I love these, they’re so versatile. I used them recently to make some freebie digital scrapbooking designs to give away: http://eversoscrumptiously.wordpress.com/2013/04/01/pixel-scrapper-april-blog-train-the-birds-the-bees/ Thank you!

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