Photoshop Tip: Delete Brush Shortcut

By pure accident I found out how to quickly delete a Photoshop brush from the preset list. This comes in very handy when you’re trying to save a custom brush set and don’t want any superfluous brushes to be in your .abr file. There’s a tedious way, which means right-clicking on each brush and selecting delete. There’s the obvious one by clicking the thrash icon in the brush palette. Finally there’s a hidden, much simpler, quicker way: hold the Alt-Key while clicking on the brushes you don’t want. A little pair of scissors should appear which indicates that you’re about to remove that particular brush. So simply Alt-click through your brush palette to delete them one by one. That’ll save you precious seconds and we all know that time-saving is very important when designing. FYI I am running Photoshop CS3 on a Mac so I’m not sure how compatible this shortcut is with other versions. Unfortunaltely I couldn’t produce a screenshot of the technique. It should be fairly straightforward though.

*Update*: The shortcut works on Windows running Photoshop CS3. Thanks to Mr.Ju!-ce for the info.

Written by Franz Jeitz

Franz Jeitz is a freelance designer and owner of Fudgegraphics. Originally from Luxembourg he now lives in London. Franz loves design, music and is a tea enthusiast. Follow him on Twitter.

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  2. Thanks for that really helpful tip!

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