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Featured Artist: Mike Orduna (Fatoe)

I’ve had the portfolio of Californian designer Mike Orduna bookmarked for some time now. Today I finally found some sparetime to really look into it and make a selection of his best works. Mike is better known under the alias of FATOE and his style could be described as being messy, vibrant and colourful. I’ll let you decide for yourself how you would like to characterize is. His portfolio is really extensive and his client list includes quite big names. Apart from finding his location (LA) and age (32) there wasn’t much information on him. More inspiration on

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Unusual and Beautiful Mugs for Tea/Coffee Lovers

I don’t make a secret out of it: I am addicted to tea and coffee. So what better way to prove my love for these delicious brews than showcasing some of the best mug designs. Some of these are clever, some funny and others just plain gorgeous. When I started researching extraordinary mugs I didn’t realise that there were so many unique designs out there. These are the ones I found and like for one of the above mentioned reasons. In case you’re wondering, I drink my tea the British way.

MyCuppa mug
MyCuppa comes in two versions: for tea and coffee. Whoever is on brewing duty, you’ll always get your drink just the way you like it. Buy at SuckUK.

messenger mug
The Messenger Mug lets you write and your mug and erease it later. Leave a note for your special one or use it as a post-it. Either way you can buy it from Heal’s. + Continue Reading

July 08 Calendar Wallpaper

It’s not July just yet but I’ve still finished the calendar wallpaper for July 2008. This is partly due to the fact that I will be moving on Thursday and don’t know how much time it will take to get settled in. As always the wallpaper comes in 2 versions: with and without the calendar. This way, if you like it, you can still use it after the month has passed. You even have the choice between a bright and dark version.

There are 2 different resolutions available: 1920×1200, which is suitable for 1440×900, and 1600×1200. I hope these will suit your needs. Feel free to drop a comment if you need it in a different aspect ratio and I’ll do my best to provide it to you.

Bright version of July 08 calendar wallpaper + Continue Reading

Great Album Cover Designs

I often go into large music stores to see what new music has emerged. Although online stores might be more convenient I enjoy flicking through CDs and vynils. Every now and then a particularly appealing album cover draws my attention. I might know the band and like their music, or not. Anyways, yesterday was such a day where i spent about an hour browsing through album covers seeking that eye-catching artwork. I got lucky and found a few real gems which I want to share with you. Unfortunately it wasn’t easy to find good quality pictures of the artworks. So please forgive me for some pixelated pictures.

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Great News and Exciting Discovery

Good news first. I passed all of this year’s exams and will start my MSci Physics in September at UCL. Until then I’ve got all the time to invest myself into the world of fudgegraphics. Also, I bought the latest issue of Advanced Photoshop Magazine this afternoon and while flicking through it I discovered this:

tea stains brushes in the wild

So Advanced Photoshop have compiled a list of the best freebie-websites out there including MyPhotoshopBrushes. My Tea Stains brush set (2nd in the first row) was lucky enough to have made it into the screencap. I’m really excited about this indirect advertising. Also I discovered that my brushes got rated an excellent 5.7/6. Whoop Whoop.

Unusual Music Videos

I was wasting some time on youtube today and stumbled upon some old and new music videos that are quite unusual. The music isn’t always my cup of tea, but the videos itself are amazing. You probably know some of them, well they’re so good that you can watch them over and over again.

Shitdisco – OK + Continue Reading

Hugo Create Contest Round 3 still open

hugo create context banner
Hugo fragrances has launched a design contest a couple months back and right now the 3rd round of 4 is open for submissions until the 5th of July. The theme of round 3 is “City Sounds”. In each round the top 10 designs get 500$ each. I’d say that is a good reason to participate. Even if you’re new to design you can still enter. The Hugo Create Site has a design generater which allows you to use background templates and design elements such as swirls and arrows to complete your entry. Go ahead and play with it. It’s good fun and inspires at the same time. Obviously the quality ranges from low to high. These are some of my favourite entries.

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Firefox 3 is out and aims for a world record

I’ve just got an e-mail to notify me that the new release of mozilla’s browser, firefox 3, is officially out. To make the release even more special they aim to set a new world record for most downloads in 24 hours. You can download firefox 3 from (which isn’t working right no due to the high demand). Let’s hope all my plugins still work once I can get my hands on it.

Finally I’ve managed to update to the new firefox and it looks really nice. I especially like how it takes on that Mac OSX look. It did mess up my bookmarks though a bit by losing some of them. I’m happy to have made the switch though and can’t wait to discover all the new features. The only downside to it is that the firebug plugin is not (yet) compatible.