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21 Free Textures

I’ve just updated my flickr account with 21 free textures for you to download. All photos were taken on Saturday in London. It wasn’t planned or anything. As a matter of fact I went to the Tate Modern Museum to take the “Street Art” tour. There are supposed to be about 15 artworks to be seen in the streets surrounding the gallery. Either I’m blind, can’t read a map or most of the artwork have already dissapeared, cause I only discovered like 3 or 4. I was really excited about this “exhibition” but ended up dissapointed. Anyways, it wasn’t all for nothing. Since I got my camera with me I used the time to shoot some grunge textures which I want to share with you. Rather than putting them in a zip file I organized them in a flickr set so that you can download the individual textures you like. Enjoy!

21 free textures by fudgegraphics

Tutorial: How to extract a colour scheme from a photograph

Today I picked up on a neat little trick on how to extract a colour palette from a photograph. Imagine you stumble upon a gorgeous photo (or piece of digital art) which has this special colour scheme. You could use the eyedropper tool to extract each colour individually but there’s a slicker way of doing it. This tutorial teaches you how to convert a photo into a fully functional colour swatch palette using photoshop and illustrator. + Continue Reading

Featured: Toko Design Studio

So far I’ve only featured the work of individual artists or collectives. Well today I want to present to you the amazing Australian-based design studio Toko. Toko was established in 2001 in Rotterdam (NL) and relocated to Sydney in 2006. They’ve managed to attract big clients such as New York Times, Orange, MTV and Playstation. The portfolio is filled with impressive graphic design pieces.  Apart from their main homepage Toko also runs  a blog  called  EnvironMental which  showcase signage systems, environmental graphics, architecture and more.

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Great Pop-up Book

Apparently this isn’t news. Well I don’t care. I’ve discovered it just now and I think it is brilliant. ABC3D is an alphabet pop-up book. Just watch for yourself. + Continue Reading

fudgegraphics on myspace

Today I signed up for myspace and you’re all welcome to add and interact with me. Although I encourage you to leave comments on my individual posts I know that it is easier to keep in touch through a social networking service. Apart from the hideous design, myspace is still the leading online platform. So go ahead. Visit my space at

Featured Artist: Maciej Hajnrich (nietylko)

Maciej Hajnrich is Valp’Nietylko. Born in 1981 in Poland, this graphic designer and illustrator gained enough experience to start full-time freelance in Summer 2007. Maciej has been working for clients such as Warner Music Poland, Sony Music Poland as well as directly with bands and festivals. The best thing about his portfolio is that you get an insight into the development of the individual design. By rolling over some images you’ll see the photography without any effects. If only more artists would do this.

A touch of Me (2007)Anomalia Katowice Music Festival (2008) + Continue Reading

iPhone 3G still not coming to Luxembourg

I’ve just watched the WWDC 2008 Keynote presentation where Steve Jobs introduced the new iPhone 3G. At only 199$ for the 8Gb model there aren’t any excuses not to get one. By the end of the year this uber-phone will be available in 70 countries worldwide, but Luxembourg is not one of them. What the fudge? I don’t get it. How can one of the founding countries of the European Union not make a deal with Apple. All the primary schools in Luxembourg are operating with macs, but no iPhone for us. I guess I’ll just have to buy it in the UK with an overpriced O2 contract.

Featured Artist: Sebastian Onufszak

In Graphics We Trust is the personal portfolio of German based visual artist Sebastian Onufszak. Since 2002 he has been working as an art director and freelancer for an inernational range of high-end clients. Furthermore is the founder of the artist collective “Propagandabuero”. Vibrant colours and busy compositions are a trademark of his, but he also knows how to create beautiful and clean graphic design.

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