Unusual and Beautiful Mugs for Tea/Coffee Lovers

I don’t make a secret out of it: I am addicted to tea and coffee. So what better way to prove my love for these delicious brews than showcasing some of the best mug designs. Some of these are clever, some funny and others just plain gorgeous. When I started researching extraordinary mugs I didn’t realise that there were so many unique designs out there. These are the ones I found and like for one of the above mentioned reasons. In case you’re wondering, I drink my tea the British way.

MyCuppa mug
MyCuppa comes in two versions: for tea and coffee. Whoever is on brewing duty, you’ll always get your drink just the way you like it. Buy at SuckUK.

messenger mug
The Messenger Mug lets you write and your mug and erease it later. Leave a note for your special one or use it as a post-it. Either way you can buy it from Heal’s.

I am not a paper cup
I am not a paper cup is made of porcelain and gives you the feeling to be on the go even if you’re at home. Get it at Charles & Marie.

Mr P Drip Mug
When I first saw the Mr P Drip Mug it made me laugh, well it still does. The drop is not only paint but it’s got a bit of relief as well. Seen at Urban Outfitters.

Crushed Cup
Lookes like a crushed plastic cup, well it’s ceramic actually. Sold at Urban Outfitters as well.

Dunk Mug (cookie holder)
Who doesn’t like to dunk cookies in his drink? I can’t think of anyone. This mug comes with space for cookies. It’s the little things that make life easier. They even made left- and right-handed ones. Brilliant. Buy at Mocha.uk.com.

Tea Code Mugs
Accidents happen from time to time, such as dropping the string and label of the teabag into the drink. The Tea Code Mugs come with a button which allows you to wind the string onto to avoid that unpleasant situation. Their special design allows heat to be stored inside the mug while keeping the outside at a finger-friendly temperature. Seen at Charles & Marie.

Helvetica mug
Helvetica Cup. There’s nothing more to say. Grab yours at Veer.com.

embroidered coffee cup sleeves
With these stylish hand embroidered cup sleeves you’ll protect your fingers and the environment. No more paper sleeves or second cup need. It looks so much better anyway. Available from Etsy.

Pantone Mugs
Pantone Mugs are perfect for designers and illustrators. There’s more colours available at Heal’s.

stacked cup
Fool your friends with the Stacked Cup.Seen at FredFlare.com.

Drink selector mug
Drink Selector Mug is another mug that lets you specify how you like your drink. There’s no excuse to mess it up now. Available from SuckUK.

On/Off Coffee mug
The On/Off Mug is made of temperature-variable paint. Fill it with a hot drink and it changes it’s colour and text. Get turned on by Charles & Marie.

Penguin Mugs
Penguin Books are classics. You gotta love the design. No wonder they made mugs with the same gorgeous design. Get them all at Heal’s.

Scrawl Mugs
Scrawl’s got a great range of typographic mugs with funny quotes. These sure made me smile. Available at McLaggan Smith Mugs.

Written by Franz Jeitz

Franz Jeitz is a freelance designer and owner of Fudgegraphics. Originally from Luxembourg he now lives in London. Franz loves design, music and is a tea enthusiast. Follow him on Twitter.

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  1. Really cool post, I love these!

  2. Great article!

  3. Great post.
    I’m not sure if the Greek paper cups from diners are as nostalgic over there as they are here in the states, but my mug-of-choice is an awesome ceramic version of this paper cup!


  4. Awesome! I didn’t know those mugs exists.

    Kate Mag´s last blog post..Revolution and Revolution Two (Studio Press) Services

  5. I love the stacko and the embroidered cups! Gotta have them.. haha!

  6. Personally, I’m a huge fan of the Miam Miam mugs. Particularly, the Portobello Model. http://bit.ly/EnO9l Its a big cup of a coffee, and the way the rim is shaped protects me from spilling on myself, plus the retro designs are awesome.
    .-= Cara Peckens´s last blog post: sararachelle: @musingsfromme Thanks for the RT! =-.

  7. Cool. I have the same. they are really cute and unique. want all of’em.
    .-= AnotherLady´s last blog post: ??????? – ?????????? ????? =-.

  8. our local shop is giving away some free coffe mugs that are also of high quality,-`-

  9. Hi guys – I have a photo of a very unique tea cup that I saw in a magazine – and I am desperately trying to hunt one down. I have no idea where / when it was made. Does anyone know a good online forum where I can post a photo to try and hunt it down / get more info?


    Gareth, Melbourne, Australia

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