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Awesome T-shirts available at Urban Outfitters

Whenever I go into London City I have to go into Urban Outfitters. It is by far my favourite clothing shop. As always I had to make a choice: which t-shirts to buy and which to leave for a later day. That’s when I decided to write a post about the great tees you can get from Urban Outfitters. Seriously, if you got the chance to visit one of their stores then do it. Apart from the great clothes they’ve got funny accessories and even sell Lomo cameras. So these are the t-shirts I’m particularly fond of. Which one do you like best?

Junk Food Clothing:

The Peanuts by Junk FoodPopa Smurf by Junk Food + Continue Reading

Great Video: Supergrass – Bad Blood

I just discovered this great music video by Supergrass for a song called Bad Blood. I didn’t even know the song although I got a couple of their albums. It’s hard to explain why this video is so awesome. Have a look and find out for yourself.

via DesignFlavr

40+ Great Summer Wallpapers

With temperature rising to 26 ºC (in London) and above there’s no better time to get in the mood for summer. Who knows how long it will last. Therefore I put together a collection of the best summer wallpapers for all those who have to sit in front of a computer, but still want to feel the heat. No sunblock needed.

Summer by ~cyrusyrus on deviantART
Resolutions: 1280×800, 1440×900, 1680×1050, 1920×1200

Great Summer Feeling. by ~PhysicalMagic on deviantART
Resolutions: 1600×1200, 1280×1024, 1440×900
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Inspiration: 14 Greatest Collections on deviantArt

I can’t think of any site with more inspiration or resources than deviantArt. It is a must for everyone interested in design. The one feature I like the most is the favourite-service. Not only can you add artworks to your favourites, but you can sort them into different collections. I’ve compiled a list of the 14 greatest collections on deviantArt. The themes vary from typography, advertising to photography. There should be something for everyone. Assuming that each collection contains about 40 designs you’ll get 500+ (no guarantee) inspirational artworks. Enjoy!

Typography Collection by CHIN2OFF.

Headless Collection by sheispretty. + Continue Reading

Inspiration: Mixed Media Abstract Art

I’m totally hooked on deviantArt and today I want to show you my latest discoveries in the Mixed Media/Abstract category. I just love abstract art. Beautiful colours combined with excellent textures and unusual shapes is all I need to get my juices flowing. It’s just so inspiring. Hope you feel the same. 13 of the best artworks presented in this post.

Update: All the pictures are now embedded straight from deviantArt to give proper credit to the artists.

Keep the Balance by `kuschelirmel on deviantART

from glacier to sea by `zeruch on deviantART
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Free Wallpaper by Daniele De Nigris

The amazing work of Daniele De Nigris has already been featured on fudgegraphics. DND was kind enough to give me permission to distribute one of his wallpapers for free. The wallpaper comes in 3 different resolutions which should cover most conventional screens. Make sure to visit his flickr stream which is filled with more gorgeous art.

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Mac Tip: Master the Screencap Function

Every once in a while you need the screen capture function, maybe it’s because you can’t download an image from flickr but still want it in your library or you need to record your workflow for a tutorial. Whatever the reason, Mac OSX offers two simple shortcuts to grab a screenshot. The first one makes a simple fullscreen shot. Just use the combination “apple+shift+3“. It should save it as png on your desktop. At least those were my default settings. It even makes a nice shutter sound.

The second shortcut is what makes it interesting. Clicking “apple+shift+4” gives you a little crosshair which lets you draw a rectangle of the screen portion you want grab. It works exactly like the Marquee tool in Photoshop. Once you’ve started your selection you can release the keys (not the mouse click) and

  • hold ALT to draw from center
  • hold SHIFT to constrain height or width (depending on your next mouse movement)
  • hold SPACE to move the current selection

Once you’ve released the mouse you’ve got a perfectly cropped picture. This technique saved me already quite some time and we all know how precious time is in a designer’s life.

fudgegraphics is on twitter

It took some self-convincing but I finally gave in and joined Twitter. I’m not sure how much I will use it and whether it’s really worth it or just another social site to waste time on. If I believed what I read about it I’ll be hooked in about 2 weeks time. Only time will tell. Anyways, you can follow me here. Having an addictive personality (coffee, tea, cigarettes, …) I’m sure I’ll be abusing the service soon.