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Featured Artist: Joseph Gonzalez

Joseph Gonzalez from Northwest Indiana sent me an e-mail 2 weeks ago and asked to take a look at his portfolio. Eager to discover new graphic designer I did just that and was impressed by the simplicity of his portfolio combined with the vibrating artworks on display. I can’t really put a name to his style, like Joseph says, he’s not stuck in a particular niche. By the way, Joseph Gonzalez’ identity is called Miracletwentyone and he also runs a nice blog. Make sure to visit the portfolio to get the full experience.

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Raindrops: Free September 08 Calendar Wallpaper Pack

Regular fudgegraphics followers will know it by now. Every month I release a calendar wallpaper pack. As always I made the calendar wallpaper in 3 different resolutions: 1920×1200 (suitable for 1440×900), 1600×1200 and 1280×1024. A version without the calendar, entitled “Raindrops”, is also available so that you may keep as your desktop bakcground a bit longer. In order to make the design I worked with some of the freebies found on fudgegraphics, such as the free fabric texture pack and the free seamless vector pack 2. Download after the jump. + Continue Reading

44+ Inspiring Blue Logos

blue logo inspiration
After reading Andrew Houles’s post about inspiring yellow logos at myinkblog I decided to present inpirational blue logos. Before judging me and thinking I would simply rip his idea I want to emphasize on the fact that I got Andrew’s blessing. This post is intended to be an addition to the yellow inspiration series at myinkblog. Please visit his site and show him some love and appreciation for his awesome continouus efforts to inspire people. I hope you’ll like both posts and that you’ll discover some new logos that you dig. + Continue Reading

Free Fabric Texture Pack

As promised when I released the Hi-Res Fabric Texture Brushes here are the source files used to make them. The pack contains 11 fabric textures and all of them are 2500px (wide side). As much as I love Photoshop Brushes I love free textures more. They give you more freedom to tweak and alter. Before saying anything stupid I’ll just wish you a lot fun with the textures. As always you are free to use them in personal as well as commercial projects.

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Featured Artist: Pablo Alfieri

Pablo Alfieri, born in ’82 in Buenos Aires, is an amazing graphic designer and illustrator. His work reminds me sometimes of Pete Harrison (aeiko). I really enjoyed flicking through his portfolio entitled Playful, even though the navigation could be a bit more organic. I especially liked the poster mock-ups. It’s a new take on the whole “I-hold-the-poster-with-both-hands” presentation. You’ll see what I mean.

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123fourFive Remix Challenge by beaucoupzero

123FourFive remix challenge. by *beaucoupzero on deviantART
Matei Apostolescu (beacoupzero) has launched the Remix Challenge again. The goal is to use the different elements of the artwork 123fourFive and rearrange them build a new design. I really love Matei’s art and this challenge is a great way to get an inside look. Everyone is allowed to submit 2 remixes and the deadline is the 29th September 2008. For all terms and to download the source files click here. Just wanted to stress that you are not allowed to use any files provided other than for the purpose of this contest. Get creative for the chance to win a canvas print of the original piece.

Featured Artist: Linn Olofsdotter

Linn Olofsdotter is an insanely talented illustrator from Sweden who’s now working in Brazil. She got a tutorial in the August issue of Computer Arts Magazine which should be available soon on their website. If you can’t wait try to get your hands on a copy. It’s well worth it! Linn Olofsdotter combines hand drawn elements with beautiful colour schemes and awesome textures. I really wish I had her talent. This is a premiere for fudgegraphics. Linn is the first female artist to be featured on fudgegraphics, but I hope there’ll be more to come. Below is a selection of her work. More inspiration from her massive portfolio.

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Free High Resolution Photoshop Brushes: Fabric Textures

If you’re anything like me you’ll be collecting high resolution brushes like crazy. That’s why I’ve put together a new set of Photoshop brushes for you. There are a total of 11 brushes in the collection and they are the largest possible: all of them are a stunning 2500 px. There’s no higher resolution possible than that. For once it wasn’t messy to produce the brushes. It was challenging at times though when I tried to scan a pillow triple the size of the machine. I really hope that you like the brush set. Download after the jump. + Continue Reading