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Things: Free October 08 Wallpaper Set

Better late than never I present to you the new calendar wallpaper pack for October 08. The style is a bit different from the other ones, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless. When designing the wallpaper I experimented with a techinque I learn a couple weeks back in a tutorial on Abduzeedo. As always there are two versions available: one with the calendar, one without it. + Continue Reading

Fudgegraphics Flickr Group


Those of you following me on Twitter will already know: Fudgegraphics has got an official User Showcase Flickr Group. This is the place for you to upload your designs made from fudgegraphics freebies. I am not strict though. You may publish all your artworks there. In return they will be featured in the sidebar. Isn’t it nice to get some free exposure? While you’re at it make sure to post the designs to MyInkBlogs Group , Fuel Your Creativity Group and BittBox’s Group. I can’t wait to see all of your creations. Click here to join the Flickr Group.

Free High Resolution Plain and Grunge Paper Textures



I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love free stuff. Well I love it, and I enjoy sharing my free resources with you. Ever since I read BittBox’s tutorial on how to make awesome grungy paper textures I wanted to do it myself. Finally I found the time to play with it. Once I had started there was no holding me back. I was looking through all my old paper stocks to find some more special textures to scan and tweak in Photoshop. In order to achieve an even grungier look some of the paper sheets were “marinated” in tea, folded and dried before scanning them. To be honest these freebies are the ones that took the longest to complete, but it was good, although slighlty dirty, fun to make them. I hope you enjoy them. As always I encourage you to send me your designs as I am really curious as to what you used them for.

There are a total of 10 free high resolution textures divided into 2 sets. Almost all paper textures are a stunning 3000px wide (well 9 out of 10) and you have the chance to see previews (with the exact dimensions) of them all below. + Continue Reading

Thomas Schostok {ths} releases his new book: Mr. Trash

To be honest I’ve never heard of Thomas Schostok, aka {ths}, until I received a mail today informing me of the release of his new book entitled “Mr. Trash”. I am really happy I got notified, because what I was about to see (and show you now) blew me away. Instead of trying to come up with some copy-paste, slightly modified text, I will simply give you the official press release: + Continue Reading

Featured Artist: Vince Fraser

Vince Fraser is a digital artist from London. With his 37 years he’s what you’d call an experienced designer. Though Vince emphasizes that he’s still young at heart. I asked him where he draws his inspiration from and what influences his art. This is a direct quote:

“Anything can be an inspiration, but I enjoy taking a good long walk and just looking around at people, places, and signs… that and listening to music is always great. I’m a big 70’s music fan from way back and love everything from that era like Movies, Television, fashion and toys. I ate it all up as a kid and still do to this day. I think this can be seen in some of my personal pieces – with strong powerful female characters similar to actor Pam Grier in the blaxploitation films of that period.”

As favourite artists Vince lists the following: Electricheat, Vault 49, No Pattern, Destill, Hejz, Xtrabold,McFaul and Jacey.

Most recently Vince has been on the payroll of big companies such as Hugo Boss, British Airways, PC World, Sony and Saatchi & Saatchi.

hugoboss2-by-vince-fraserafro-diva-by-vince-fraser + Continue Reading

Styletime Contest: Blog Action Day Poverty

blog action day logo

Styletime have launched an incredible contest to raise money and awareness for the Blog Action Day 2008: Poverty which is schedule for October 15.The prizes are beyond spectacular. There’s something for everyone: from free blog hosting to free logo design or even private design consultations. All you have to do is donate 1$ or more and write about the contest to enter. Make sure to read the instructions and get the full list of prizes over at Styletime. Together we can make a difference. Do your part and all will benefit.

Featured Artist: Chadwick Trammell

Chadwick Trammell is a 21 year old designer from Atlanta, Georgia. He draws his inspiration from a lot of different places like movies, music, dreams and other designer’s work. His goal is to offer viewers something fresh and new. I especially enjoy his typographic pieces. Unfortunately Chadwick doesn’t have a personal portfolio yet. See more of his art on deviantArt where he’s better known under the alias of SC-3.

the-life-deserved_by_sc-3the-advantage_by_sc-3 + Continue Reading

11 Great TV Series Intros

In this post I will present my 11 favourite tv series opening sequences. Usually I am really annoyed when the intro lasts longer than 10 seconds, but with these series it is a pleasure to watch them. Some are very artistic, some I like partly because of the theme song. I hope you enjoy watching the intros.

Breaking Bad Intro

Californication Intro + Continue Reading