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Free Urban Texture Pack

It’s time again for another set of free textures. The Urban Texture Pack contains 25 large textures of concrete, walls and basically everything I could find in the lovely city of Luxembourg. I should really make a habit out of taking my camera weherever I go. At first I didn’t find any interesting textures, but soon I had to worry about not running out of batteries as I was shooting like crazy. The textures are ideal as overlay to give a slight grunge feeling to your art (a technique I apply quite often). Whatever you’re gonna use the textures for I hope you have fun with them. Feel free to send me your designs. I’m always curious to see how my freebies have been put to use. Download after the jump.

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Mac Tip: Reverse Screen Colours

At first I though it was just a little fun thing they added to Mac OSX, but today I discovered that it actually feeds a purpose. I was reading an interview on a dark website and half way through my eyes started to hurt. So I used the shortcut to reverse my screen colours which allowed me to read black  text on a white background which really helped getting through it. Below are screenshots of what it looks like. I used this site as an example. + Continue Reading

September News

Fudgegraphics is growing every day and it’s a pleasure to get such positive feedback. So before saying anything else I want to say thank you to everyone who made this possible by subscribing to my RSS feed and stumbling/floating my posts. Special thanks go to all the design blogs who link back to me. The community is so strong and giving and I love to be a part of it. + Continue Reading