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Today is Blog Action Day 2008: Poverty


As mentioned a couple weeks back today is Blog Action Day 2008: Poverty. Today thousands of bloggers will unite to discuss a single issue – poverty. We aim to raise awareness, initiate action and to shake the web! Blog Action Day have compliled a list of 88 ways to do something about poverty today. I have already donated for this cause and hope that this post will motivate some of my dear readers to do so too, or to take another positive action to fight poverty. Together we can actually make a difference. Be part of it!

Massive Giveaway: 1000 free business cards from UPrinting

The kind folks over at UPrinting got in touch with me and asked whether I’d be interested in giving away 1000 free business cards to my readers. Obviously I said yes. So here we are now. I figured it would be best to split them and offer 4 people the chance to win 250 business cards. + Continue Reading

22 Free Fonts from MyFont

Alhtough I like all freebies related to design I am especially fond of free fonts (see what I just did there). I often find myself looking for new fonts that i can use in my design and mostly I get referred to paying sites. One of the largest is certainly They’ve got nearly every commercial font you will ever need. The best part though is that some of them are free. To make life a little easier I decided to share my findings with you. Below is a list of 22 free fonts available from myfonts. All you need to do is register on the site to gain access to them. I also want to point out that you don’t need to register any credit card (unless you want to buy fonts that is). Click on the image or name of the font to get to the download page. The number in the brackets indicates you how many different styles (bold, italic, different weights) are available for free. Go ahead, grab them, they’re all yours.

Agrafa Hairline (1)

Anivers Regular (1)
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