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Stellar Storm: Free December 08 Wallpapers

Every month I give you a new Calendar Wallpaper. The idea behind the monthly calendar wallpaper series is that you don’t have to open a program to find out what day/date it is. Just look at your desktop et voila. Furthermore the wallpapers should inspire you. Looking at the same image over and over again is not very inspiring. Hence having a new wallpaper every month should get your creative juices flowing. Since it’s Christmas season and it’s all about giving I decided to go the extra mile and prepare two different versions. The December 08 Wallpaper comes in blue and orange. As always you also have the chance to download non-calendar versions of the wallpapers (entitled “Stellar Storms”) in case you want to use it at a later time. That is not all though. For the first time ever I included iPhone versions as well. + Continue Reading

Featured Artist: Erik Jonsson

Erik Jonsson is a 26-year old graphic designer and art director from Sweden. Parallel to running his own agency Elapse he works freelance and studies Digital Media. So yes, he is a busy boy, and a talented one at that. I can’t say that I like every of his designs though. Some are to “corporate” for my taste. His more experimental art however is just my cup of tea. I like the retro and grunge feel. Get a taste for Erik’s art here and then head over to his portfolio.

brasil_cine_poster_by_erik_jonssonthe_constants_are_changing_by_erik_jonsson + Continue Reading

Vote for fudgegraphics on Blogging Idol 2


As mentioned in the latest news post I am a contestant to become the next Blogging Idol (2). The contest is run by BailyBlogTips and there are three criteria which determine the winner: the blog with the greatest increase in subscribers gets points, there is a jury and the public can vote for their favourite blog. The voting session has just opened and will close on the 28th November. I could really use some help with that. I’m number 59 in the list. Thank you so much for your support!

Free Vectors: Ink Trees

I shall give you a free vector set containing 21 ink tree silhouettes. They were all hand drawn with india ink and a bamboo stick before being scanned in and traced. The biggest advantage of vectors is that they can be scaled to any size without loss of quality. That makes them ideal for large prints, t-shirt designs and any other project which needs high resolution resources. I am really happy with the outcome and I hope you like them aswell. As always with fudgegraphics freebies you may use them in personal and commercial artwork. + Continue Reading

Hi-Res Wood Textures exclusively on PSDFan

I’ve teamed up with Tom from PSDFan to release an exclusive Texture Pack. The set contains 10 wood textures which are all 3264×2448 in size. You may use them in commercial and personal projects. I decided to release them not on fudgegraphics but on PSDFan is expand my blog. It enables me to reach my readers as well as new ones. This is the first time I tried this method and I hope it will help me (and Tom) grow.

While you’re over there I would suggest to read my interview on PSDFan. You might learn something new about me.

Click on the preview image to get to the download link and see a preview of each texture.

Free Hi-Res Autumn Textures: Tree Silhouettes + Leaves

Although you may see Christmas decorations everywhere technically it is still Autumn. So last weekend I decided to go to the local park and shoot some textures related to this inspiring season of the year. It’s the time of change and natural decay. The textures are split into 2 sets: Tree Silhouettes and Leaves. All images are a stunning 3264×2448 pixels large and there’s a total of 19 textures in both sets. As always you are free to use these freebies in personal and commercial projects. I hope you like them and can put them to good use. So here we go. + Continue Reading

Featured Artist: Dimo Trifonov

I’ve been following Dimo Trifonov for some time on deviantArt where he showcases his designs under the alias of denull. I didn’t find much information about him apart from the fact that he is from Bulgaria. It’s not that important anyway. What matters are his extraordinary design skills. You should definitely check out his portfolio on dA for more inspiration.
women_minds__by_denullendless_thinking_by_denull + Continue Reading

Featured Artist: Stina Persson

It’s no secret that I am a big fan of watercolour art. I discovered the art of Stina Persson, an illustrator from Sweden who works almost exclusively with watercolours. Her work is really inspiring and very refreshing in the digital design world we’re living in. This should give you some new ideas as to how you can use my brush sets.

big-glitter-by-stina-perssonphoto1-by-stina-persson + Continue Reading