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Goodbye Loneliness: Free February 09 Wallpaper

Every month I give you a new Calendar Wallpaper. The idea behind the monthly calendar wallpaper series is that you don’t have to open a program to find out what day/date it is. Just look at your desktop et voila. Furthermore the wallpapers should inspire you. Looking at the same image over and over again is not very stimulating. Hence having a new wallpaper every month should get your creative juices flowing. February 09 Calendar Wallpaper is entitled “Goodbye Loneliness”. + Continue Reading

Sticky Tape: Free Hi-Res Photoshop Brushes + Textures

Photoshop Brushes are an easy way to spice up your designs. Grab them, place them and you’re done. Ever since CS1 Photoshop allows you to use brushes up to 2500px large. This makes them perfect for webdesign as well as projects for print. This latest high resolution brush set includes 15 sticky tape brushes. They’re all between 2261px and 2500px large. For those of you stuck on older Photoshop versions I included the source files used to make the brushes as a texture pack. All textures are 2500px large and come in png format. This way no one has to miss out on this freebie release. + Continue Reading

2 Interviews on Phire Design


AJ from Phire Design started a new series of interviews and I am happy to announce that I’m part of it. The first interview investigates how different people blog while the second one looks into how freelance designers manage their time and assets. It is a very interesting read. Some of the people who contributed are: Adelle Charles (Fuel Your Creativity), Jacob Cass (Just Creative Design), Andrew Houle (My Ink Blog), Calvin Lee (Mayhem Studios), Grant Friedman (Colourburned) and Brian Lovin (Elite By Design). I feel honoured to be amongst those great designers/bloggers. If everything goes to plan I will be a regular in the upcoming interview. The next one is supposed investigate the different Twitter routines. Here are the links for the first to interviews:

How Do You Blog?

How Do You Manage?

Featured Artist: Evgeny Kiselev

I’m sure most of you have come across the incredible designs of digital artist Evgeny Kiselev. His work has been published all over the world such as in Computer Arts (UK), ROJO (Spain) and Beautiful Decay (USA). While many of his art is personal Evgeny managed to work with big companies like SanDisk, Smart and UNICEF. As with most graphic designers it’s quite difficult to find good background information about them. I guess you’ll just have to accept that fact and get inspired by the visual stimulation of the designs. Make sure to visit the portfolio which is filled with plenty more inspirational pieces.

zimnee_by_kiselevbreakdown_by_kiselev + Continue Reading

Featured Artist: Danny Allison

I discovered the talented UK-based illustrator Danny Allison while reading the latest issue of Computer Arts Projects magazine. I did a quick search in my feed reader and to my surprise none of the blogs I subscribe to have showcased his work. So for me and my blogging knowledge this is a premiere. This makes Danny perfect to be the first featured artist here on fudgegraphics in 2009.
Other than that Danny has a background in photography I did not find an more information about him unfortunately. The most important thing is his illustrations anyway and so I won’t bother you anymore. Here’s a small collection of his designs to get you inspired. More can be found at

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