Featured Artist: Evgeny Kiselev

I’m sure most of you have come across the incredible designs of digital artist Evgeny Kiselev. His work has been published all over the world such as in Computer Arts (UK), ROJO (Spain) and Beautiful Decay (USA). While many of his art is personal Evgeny managed to work with big companies like SanDisk, Smart and UNICEF. As with most graphic designers it’s quite difficult to find good background information about them. I guess you’ll just have to accept that fact and get inspired by the visual stimulation of the designs. Make sure to visit the portfolio which is filled with plenty more inspirational pieces.


Written by Franz Jeitz

Franz Jeitz is a freelance designer and owner of Fudgegraphics. Originally from Luxembourg he now lives in London. Franz loves design, music and is a tea enthusiast. Follow him on Twitter.

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  1. Great color and depth… Cool feature! i love beautiful decay great site

    ~ Aaron I

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  2. Really happy you like it Aaron! I totally agree with you about the beatiful decay site!

  3. good thanks for sharing

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