Sticky Tape: Free Hi-Res Photoshop Brushes + Textures

Photoshop Brushes are an easy way to spice up your designs. Grab them, place them and you’re done. Ever since CS1 Photoshop allows you to use brushes up to 2500px large. This makes them perfect for webdesign as well as projects for print. This latest high resolution brush set includes 15 sticky tape brushes. They’re all between 2261px and 2500px large. For those of you stuck on older Photoshop versions I included the source files used to make the brushes as a texture pack. All textures are 2500px large and come in png format. This way no one has to miss out on this freebie release.

Photoshop Brush Set:



Download Brushes:

contains 1 .abr file in .zip archive – 15 Brushes, 19.4 Mb



Download Textures:

contains 1 .zip file – 15 png’s, 39.0 Mb

As always you may use the brushes and textures in personal and commercial projects without the need of attribution. You may not distribute, sell or claim ownership of them. If you want to share these resources with others I kindly ask you to link back to this article. Enjoy!

Written by Franz Jeitz

Franz Jeitz is a freelance designer and owner of Fudgegraphics. Originally from Luxembourg he now lives in London. Franz loves design, music and is a tea enthusiast. Follow him on Twitter.

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83 Awesome Responses so far
  1. Those are pretty unique and looks really good. With more and more “grunge” websites popping up, these could come in handy.

    Well done & keep up the good work!

    Marco´s last blog post..Spotlight: T-shirt design from Aled Lewis

  2. Nice! Could you explain how you made these? I’ve always been curious about making photoshop brushes.

    Niki Brown | The Design O’Blog´s last blog post..Change Has Come

  3. @Marco:
    Glad you like them

    I followed this tutorial published some time ago by BittBox:
    The key is to play with the different adjustments until you have a nice black/white image of the brush. I also recommend testing the saved brushes with a different colour than black to proof them.

  4. Nice set of brushes! These sticky bits come in handy for a lot of projects :P

    WilhelmR´s last blog post..WilhelmR: New website in town> looks like it’s going to be a nice spot for those looking for inspiration :)

  5. Awesome brush set! Nice work mate.

    Tom Ross´s last blog post..Making the ‘Clean Grunge’ Blog Design

  6. Ah, never know when you might need some tape! Thanks alot for the resources.

  7. Thanks guys! It sure means a lot to me to get so much positive feedback!

  8. Great stuff! These are really nice.

    AJ Troxell´s last blog post..How Do You Manage?

  9. i love these :)

    if you could separate the png’s from the abr, for the earlier takes longer time to download I blv.

    thanks alot.

    Mi´s last blog post..Life

  10. @Mi:
    how do you mean? for earlier brush releases? as far as I know all my brush/texture sets are available as separate downloads. I might be wrong though :)

  11. useful thanks..

    joyoge designers’ bookmark´s last blog post..Download Free Blogger Templates

  12. To me it looks like you know what you doing.Thanks

  13. carmen lyra February 5th, 2009

    great sharing !!
    they look very nice !!
    thanks for sharing them and your work !

  14. Thanks for the great freebies!

    David´s last blog post..What the Font… for the iPhone!!!

  15. Very nice stickies.. really come in handy. thanks for sharing..
    what hand-drawn font have you used on the titles. or is it some brush/ texture applied to a regular font?

  16. I think that it is in normal type, just add a little brush

  17. The font is called “FFF Tusj” and is available for free here:

  18. thank you so much! love your work and love your generosity! you are awesome!

  19. Sticky tape? wow… interesting.

  20. cool tape brushes – thanks for sharing!

  21. These are great, and super-useful. Many thanks.

  22. I must be an idiot, but I have the 15 .png files, but no .abr file. How do I get these brushes into PS ??

  23. @ilium007: Have you made sure to download both files? The download button for the .abr file is located just on top of the textures preview.

  24. OK – Yes I AM an idiot….Thanks.

  25. Is there anything I should be doing in particular to get the tape to look, well, ‘tapy’ ???

    I kind of end up with a non realistic yellowy tape, I am after something a bit galssy. I don’t know quite how to explain !

    I am using be creating a new layer, getting the brush and clicking once on my photo…Is this the way to use it ?

  26. @ilium007: The best practice when it comes to brushes like these is infact to create a new layer and apply the brush on it like a stamp. Play with the fill color of the brush and blending mode of the layer. Try to copy the layer and overlay it on top to get different results.

  27. I have just had a play around, I guess I want the tape to not be transparent…

  28. Thanks so much! These are great! I’ll be using them very soon.
    .-= Pamela´s last blog post: Free Seamless Marbleized Textures =-.

  29. Thanks for your work… I’m utilizing this right now… keep it up man

  30. thanks for sharing : )

  31. Nice!thank you

  32. I once made my own brushes, scanned some tapes :) but this is much better!

  33. These are nicely made…If I would like to publish this on my personal website, what would that require? Thanks! Nice Job!

  34. Thank You. These are a keeper.

  35. i get stuck at 56 % every time i try 2 download the brushes.

  36. very nice brushes! thx!!

  37. These will be so useful… thank you for sharing!

  38. Veeeery nice!!
    I’m a photoshop newbie and I find this brushes and textures sooooo usefull!!
    Thanks for sharing!!!


  39. Very nice brush set, I shared this over at:

  40. love it love it love it! thanks for sharing!:)))

  41. this is awesome!! thank you so much for sharing it

  42. Thanks the list……

  43. thanks for this great list. I have been looking for sites like these, I wasn’t even aware of most of these

  44. Thanks for sharing these awesome brushes & texture graphics. Love ‘em!

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