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Steady Still: Free March 09 Wallpaper

This post is part of the free calendar wallpaper series. Each month I create a new wallpaper featuring the current calendar. Looking at the same image over and over again is not very stimulating. Hence having a new background each month should help getting your creative juices flowing. March 09 Calendar Wallpaper is entitled “Steady Still”. There’s no real meaning behind it. I just liked the sounding of the words. + Continue Reading

Go Media’s Vector Set 14 has arrived and you get 10% off

The nice folks from Go Media just released the Vector Set 14. As always the vectors are top notch and this set includes:

  • Ornate Patterns
  • Hand Drawn Wings
  • Superheroes
  • Fight
  • Textile
  • Patterns
  • Sketchbook

The best part is that they are offering the readers of fudgegraphics a 10% discount for a limited time (offer ends on 22nd March 09). All you have to do is enter the promotional code fudgegraphics at checkout. Please note that this code is only valid on Vector Set 14.

What’s Your Favourite Colour?

Colours tell a lot about someone’s personality. So in an effort to learn a bit more about my favourite designers and bloggers I started a 1-question mass interview to ask them what their favourite colour is. Although the colours they chose are very different these 40 creative minds have one thing in common. They are at the top of their game and I respect them deeply for their contributions to the design community. So please visit their websites/blogs and discover outstanding articles, free high quality resources and gorgeous designs.
As a bonus I made an A2 poster containing all the favourite colours with the respective names for you to download as pdf for free. All you need to do is take it to your local print shop or simply use your inkjet at home to print it. + Continue Reading

Featured: Taobot Studio

Taobot is an internationally acclaimed studio that specializes in interactive and graphic design. They work with clients from all over the world on engaging and emotional experiences. The studio is lead by Danny Franzreb and Holger Gr├╝nwald, who both have many years of experience in the field of design. + Continue Reading

2nd Showcase of the Fudgegraphics Flickr Group

With over 100 members in the Fudgegraphics User Showcase Flickr Group it is time for another roundup. I hand picked my favourite designs submitted which I want to show you now. If you wish to be featured in a future showcase all you need to do is join the group. Thank you very much to all the members and their inspirational designs. This article is for you!
I R R E G U L A R + Continue Reading

Jonathan Haggard Portfolio Update

Jonathan Haggard, aka skryingbreath, just redesigned and updated his portfolio. He was one of the first featured artist here on fudgegraphics and I just can’t get enough of his retro graphics. Please visit to see all his latest designs and his gorgeously minimalistic website.


Vector Freebies: Hand Drawn Wings

The amazingly talented guys from GoMedia are working on their 14th Vector Pack. The Hand Drawn Wings Set has been released on its own and I got an exclusive preview of it. Let me tell you this: it is gorgeous. The level of detail is incredibely rich. These wings are perfect for t-shirt graphics and any designs for print. + Continue Reading

News: Fubiz Redesign

Fubiz_Logo was one of the first blogs I subscribed to when I got into the designer blogging world. It is run by Romain and offers the latest inspirational designs and videos. The content is available in French and English. And did I see they are an infinite source of inspiration? Usually I would not write about a site redesign, unless it is this site of course, but this time I make an exception. First of all the new look is gorgeous. Secondly the way the new design is presented is incredible. Instead of showing simple screenshots of the new vs. old site they made a video. This is an original and creative concept that I had to share it with you. So here goes: