Guest Article: 20+ Amazing Typography Designs

Personally, typography and cool type treatments are my absolute favorite when it comes to design. There is an endless amount of room for creativity but still somewhat of a structure to follow leading to some real problems to solve and producing some real epic pieces of art. We all know typography has been around forever. But lately there has really been an outburst of some really amazing forward thinkers in the field. It seems that people are really finally grasping onto type as an aesthetic and not so much as… well… just text! Here are some of my favorite pieces to share with you! Enjoy!

Narani Kannan:

Nicolas Alexander:

Alex Trochut:

Francesco Muzzi:

Sebastien Cuypers:

Andrei Robu:

Jordan Metcalf:

Fredrik Oscarsson:

John Beckers:

Written by Alec Schmidt

Alec Schmidt is a 22-year-old graphic designer from Arizona. He loves typography, color, creativity and also has a real passion for retro graphics. You can follow Alec on Twitter: @anepic.

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  1. presidenté August 11th, 2009
  2. those typo designs are truly AWESOME!

  3. @presidenté: thank you very much for the links. I especially like Luke Lucas’ designs. Amazing stuff!

  4. Awesome collection there. Love ‘Revolution of the mind’ by Fredrik Oscarsson in particular.
    .-= Matt Shaw´s last blog post: Awesome French Illustration =-.

  5. Very cool post. The Alex Trochut works I hadn’t seen before, how wonderful.
    .-= Jukes´s last blog post: Every Photo Shot For The Conan O’Brien Title Sequence =-.

  6. great stuff Franz 🙂

  7. such amazing stuff you sharing friend. that’s why i am regular visitor. thanks
    .-= Dzinepress´s last blog post: 35+ Best Graphics from TIME Magazine =-.

  8. Very nice article Franz! really inspirative works.
    .-= Tanaka – Créations du Net´s last blog post: Retro Rounds Color Burst #1 =-.

  9. Awesome collection of typography designs! I love the Fredrik Oscarsson because of the color!
    .-= Dicky´s last blog post: 10 Really Useful Server Monitoring Tools =-.

  10. Thanks! These are great. The porn guy is hilarious.

  11. @raja: WTF

  12. What a delicious batch of eye candy.
    I need to find a way to utilize some of these elements on my websites. I find Francisco Muzzi’s colorful ribbon-like design to be particularly fascinating.
    .-= Tom Nocera´s last blog post: TheWholeDamnNet: When @TheWholeDamnNet is following you, what more is there to accomplish on Twitter? =-.

  13. I am really impressed by some of these typographical designs. I’m still a stickler for legibility though, and some of these I struggled to see the words clearly.
    .-= Mike´s last blog post: Fonts Resources for Web Designers =-.

  14. Likewise for two uses of coat. ,

  15. A good collection of typographic designs…These are very creative and vary from each other… Some are designed with intricate designs, some use cartoon structures and some use good 3D and shadow effect…

  16. The designs are nice, however truly good examples of typography are readable. Most of these are not.

  17. Actually IMERU, you ust be blind since most of these ARE legible. Not to mention good typography doens NOT have to be legible. What about graffiti and avant garde experimental typography? You don’t know what you’re talking about at all.

  18. I really like the first one by Narani

  19. Actually, most of these ARE horrible because they’re illegible. IMEURU is not blind at all; the vast majority of these pieces take more than a glance — and sometimes, some serious puzzling out — to determine what the text says. That’s not good typographic design in my book, especially when there is a message that is being communicated, not just a tag as in graffiti. And avant garde experimental typography is actually usually pretty legible.

  20. Anit-Agreement January 19th, 2010

    Actually., IMERU is an idiot, and so are you. Typography is whatever you want it to be. Illegibility has NOTHING to do with it. Yeah, if you going to be designing a typeface, yes, legibility is important. But these are posters, artworks, magazine editorial logos, etc… all of which are made by famous designers UNLIKE yourself. you people disgust me. Get over yourself you pretentious bastard.

  21. AsparagusBerry March 10th, 2010

    Anti…are you actually trying to suggest that it is ok for a logo to be illegible?? Really? Unless your logo is a complex monogram, a logo should Always be legible, or at the very least, descriptive.

  22. ASPARAGUS: These aren’t logos. These are artworks made with type as the medium. A logo is a mark or icon for a company, organization, or person. So yes, I am saying these DO NOT NEED TO BE LEGIBLE. Whereas an actual LOGO would be. Before you criticize you should try making sure you know what you’re talking about.

  23. I agree with ANTI. I am a 10 year veteran of corporate brand design and even I can tell these are simply artworks. All of these amateur designers in here need to give it a rest, you have no idea what you are talking about.

  24. Really good designs but there’s little point in having an imaginative and creative typography if it isn’t readable.

  25. i do most wedding invitations on photoshop and also on MS Word:.’

  26. fantastic typography collection so so beautiful thanks
    @presidenté:this is very cool too thanks

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