Featured Artist: Sean Freeman

Sean Freeman is a talented UK-based illustrator and designer. He’s best know for his typographic art and I’m sure most people in Britain will have come across his fantastic works for the “Think – Drug Driving Campaign”. Sean’s portfolio can be found at thereis.co.uk. Make sure to check it out and don’t forget to visit the archive for even more inspiration.









Written by Franz Jeitz

Franz Jeitz is a freelance designer and owner of Fudgegraphics. Originally from Luxembourg he now lives in London. Franz loves design, music and is a tea enthusiast. Follow him on Twitter.

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  1. The fish one is sick! Gotta learn how to do this effect…
    .-= Melody´s last blog post: Sexy Fashion: Condom Dresses =-.

  2. What an amazing koi. Inverse it and it would make an amazing tatoo!
    .-= Semblance´s last blog post: Wine Tasting Like a Connoisseur =-.

  3. Love the exploding letters in the “freaked” graphic, its pretty awesome. This guy has a lot of talent.

  4. The gooey one is gorgeous!
    .-= Ivan Tolmachev´s last blog post: InSoft Logo =-.

  5. Black and white are cool produce by him
    .-= Azizuan Aziz´s last blog post: Banner =-.

  6. saw this dude in digital arts – cool uk artist-
    .-= Benjamin Rama´s last blog post: How to Create 3D Typography Simply =-.

  7. Glad you all like Sean’s work. And yes, that fish design is sick!
    .-= Franz Jeitz´s last blog post: Featured Artist: Sean Freeman =-.

  8. All his designs are sick. I like the posts that showcase people’s work. Thanks!

  9. The fish and girl images are gorgeous. Love the fur type.

  10. just loved the drug campaign design

  11. The “Drug Driving” advertisement is a creative stroke of a genius….Freeman’s unique style of typography is the best that I have come across so far….Fame, Freaked and The Future are great examples of excellent imagination…This is a beautiful post…Thanks!!!

  12. Thanks for the comments. It’s awesome that you all like Sean’s style! More power to him!

  13. These designs are awesome. I think my person favorite is the one with the eye, this is just crazy!

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