24 Astoundingly Beautiful HDR Images of Wildlife

HDR stands for high dynamic range imaging. The HDR method basically involves making up an image from several different photographs of the same thing, all taken with different exposures. Photoshop or similar image editing software is then used to combine the photos to form one image, creating a greater dynamic range of luminances, which means starker contrasts between light and dark and much more vibrant colours.

HDR enhances natural colours and light levels, so it’s often hard for the viewer to tell that the HDR method has been employed. Some photographers, however, push things further to create completely distorted visual realities. It’s clear from the 24 photos below that HDR and wildlife photography is a winning combination, as the technique is capable of doing justice to the spectacular array of colours found in nature.

1. Tree Frog

HDR photo of tree frog by Catskill05

Tree frogs are among the most colourful animals in the world. HDR only acts to enhance the brilliant green colour of this particular specimen.

2. Screech-Owl

HDR photo of screech-owl by twoblueday

Each whiskery feather is visible in this wonderful HDR photo of a screech-owl, taken in Florida. There are 21 known species of screech-owl and new ones are being discovered all the time.

3. Cow

HDR photo of a cow by Paul Stevenson

This rather bedraggled looking cow was photographed in Malham, Yorkshire, England. The hair on the animal’s face is particularly defined.

4. Baby Monkey

HDR photo of a baby monkey by imdrugfree

A gorgeous baby monkey devours a snack. The gold colour of its eyes and the hairs on top of its head are particularly stunning. Each individual fold on its wrinkly face is visible.

5. Caiman Lizard

HDR photo of a caiman lizard by tedb789

A red-faced caiman lizard smiles for the camera.

6. Wild Horse

HDR photo of a wild horse by Stuck In Customs

This wild beast can be found roaming around the fjords of Iceland. The photographer got in really close and used a wide-angled lens to make the animal’s head as large and cute-looking as possible.

7. Heron

HDR photo of a heron by Revo_1599

A tricolored heron stands on a small island in Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge, Florida. This image is a perfect example of how HDR photography can be used to create an oil painting-like effect.

8. Lizard

HDR photo of a lizard by c6 cowboy

HDR brings out the rainbow colours of this lizard’s facial scales. This shot was taken in Mexico with a Nikon D80 camera and a 70-200mm f/2.8 VR lens. It was processed with Photomatix and Lightroom.

9. Bison

HDR image of a bison by SigmaEye

A bison grazes in Gibbon Meadow, Yellowstone National Park.

10. Elk

HDR image of a spring elk by SigmaEye

Another shot from Yellowstone National Park. This time it’s an elk traversing a vibrant landscape.

11. Iguana

HDR photo of an iguana by seanmcgrath

Otherwise dull, the intensity of this reptile’s eye, made up of volcanic yellow and red tones, is truly stunning.

12. Spider Monkey

HDR photo of a spider monkey by Stuck in Customs

This playful, inquisitive spider monkey was spotted outside the Batu caves near Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

13. Deer

HDR photo of a deer by Delta Wildlife

Sunlight shines through the trees, casting a shadow on the back of a wild deer and illuminating its beady eye.

14. Horses

HDR photo of horses by Jonny Atom

A horse and its foal pose for the camera in an overcast English field.

15. Robin

HDR photo of a robin by pixdaus.com

A solitary, red-breasted and very round robin perches on a branch.

16. Mallards

HDR photo of mallards by wili hybrid

A male and female mallard take a stroll along the dock at Lake Tahoe. This HDR image was captured in March 2007 with a Nikon D200 camera.

17. Stag

HDR photo of a stag by the longhairedgit

A fallow stag is spotted in Dyrham Park, South Gloucestershire, England. This photo was shot from a quarter of a mile away.

18. Squirrel

HDR photo of a squirrel by gerardov

Ever alert, this squirrel spots the camera at just the right moment.

19. Mute Swans

HDR photo of mute swans by the longhairedgit

A graceful pair of mute swans look absolutely stunning against this glowing, orangey, evening sky.

20. Deer

HDR photo of a deer by chefranden

This charismatic animal seems just as interested in the photographer as the photographer is of it. HDR brings out the orange-brown colour of its face and adds clarity to its hairy ears.

21. Heron

HDR photo of a heron by Eric Vondy

The colours in this shot are so intense. The photographer post-processed the image using Tiffen DFX.

22. Chameleon

HDR photo of a chameleon by fRandi-Shooters

What better animal to demonstrate the colour capabilities of HDR than the vibrant chameleon. This shot was taken with a Canon EOS 500D and edited with Photomatix.

23. Rainbow Boa

HDR photo of a rainbow boa by bsmith4815

This rainbow boa, so-called for obvious reasons, displays a wide spectrum of colours along its length. Again, Photomatix was used to process this image.

24. Monkey

HDR photo of a monkey by travlinman43

What a fantastic portrait! This monkey was photographed while ‘hanging out’ near Ban Saen, just outside of Bangkok, Thailand. The bright blue background complements its light tones perfectly.

Written by Tom Walker

Tom is an avid photographer, constantly in search of new gadgets to add to his already substantial collection. Hi is currently working as a writer for Cartridge Save, a leading supplier of HP Laserjet cartridges, inks and other printing accessories. You can read his other work on design and art at CreativeCloud.

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  1. Awesome gallery, these are really amazing shots.

  2. Most of these aren’t even HDR images…

  3. I agree – most of these are not HDR images…. they look most likely like they have been run through Topaz Adjust or Lucas. It would be impossible to get HDR images of birds in flight, unless you are making separate exposures from the same RAW file. Again – not really HDR at all. Really good photographs though….

  4. These images do look fantastic, whether they are HDR or not.
    .-= Mike´s last blog post: SEO And Content: How Reading Makes For Better Marketing Copy =-.

  5. Defiantly not HDR, i would change the title of this post to just “25 Astoundingly Beautiful Images of Wildlife”

  6. they are amazingly cool 🙂
    .-= naveed´s last blog post: Lemonade Movie =-.

  7. I love these shots.. great processing. I love the dragon ones especially.
    .-= Timothy West | PHOTONOMY´s last blog post: Heathrow’s Hanging Eggs =-.

  8. I love everything about nature and wildlife, and when they are captured into pictures, they will look amazing and colorful. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  9. amazing and fresh HDR pics here i recently did an articel on these at my design site tx
    .-= Benjamin Rama´s last blog post: A tutorial published on My Ink Blog =-.

  10. Some of those are stunning.

  11. beautiful images. hdr not overdone. well done!


  13. Regardless of whether they are HDR or not, they are hi-definition and amazing.
    .-= Kristi Hines´s last blog post: Freelance Friday – Negotiating Contracts, Starting a Design Business & More =-.

  14. Excellent, the horse in photo #6 is definitely most awesome.

  15. I agree that most of these, if not all of them, are no HDR. The title is a little misleading. However, they are great pictures and I am glad you took the time to gather them all in one place.

  16. HDR or not I’ve no idea, but they are stunningly beautiful photographs. I’ve bookmarked the page so I can keep coming back.

  17. HDR means that at least 3, and most often 5 frames are combined. Almost none of these are multi frame images. Many of them are over-saturated. Many are distorted, as they are copied and displayed on this page like the caiman and the screetch owl. The iguana is well done.
    Think I can do better. So, I’ll write an article on HDR and Wildlife.

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  19. Nature is more glamorous than the models on the catwalk…. In these images!

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