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Tarantino Graphic Movie Poster Series

I love these Quentin Tarantino Graphic Movie Posters by Ibraheem Youssef. There’s a total of 7 posters in the series. They’re clever and well executed. See them all in Ibraheem’s Flickr Stream. You can buy them in the shop. + Continue Reading

FYI Monday: Theo Aartsma aka Sumeco

This post is part of the For Your Inspiration Monday Series showcasing the most inspiring designs out there. Each week a new artist or design style will be presented in order to get your creative juices flowing for the upcoming week. I hope you enjoy the series.

Theo Aartsma aka Sumeco, 27 year old designer/illustrator, from Holland will be the first artist to be featured in the FYI Monday article series. Here’s just a small collection of his typographic and vibrant art. Make sure to visit his different portfolio sites at the end of the post. + Continue Reading

Featured Artist: Chad Hagen

Chad Hagen is an artist and designer living in Minneapolis, MN. His abstract geometric style caught my eye right away and I had to share it with you. I’m particularly fond of his infographics series. For more inspiration make sure to visit his portfolio and Flickr. + Continue Reading