Tarantino Graphic Movie Poster Series

I love these Quentin Tarantino Graphic Movie Posters by Ibraheem Youssef. There’s a total of 7 posters in the series. They’re clever and well executed. See them all in Ibraheem’s Flickr Stream. You can buy them in the shop.

Written by Franz Jeitz

Franz Jeitz is a freelance designer and owner of Fudgegraphics. Originally from Luxembourg he now lives in London. Franz loves design, music and is a tea enthusiast. Follow him on Twitter.

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  1. very nice design and new series , thanks for sharing 🙂
    .-= sriganesh´s last blog post: Win a TutsPlus Membership =-.

  2. massive fan of the inglorious basterds poster.

  3. These are a great collection. Very good design. Thanks for sharing! 🙂
    .-= Michael´s last blog post: Look 10 Years Younger Without Surgery! =-.

  4. Thanks for the comments. Glad you like the designs.
    @Jared Thompson: It is my favourite of the series too. So clever I actually had to look twice to get it.

  5. I really like these posters, some more than others. Love Tarantino films too, and I think these posters capture the spirit of the films quite well.
    .-= Mike´s last blog post: Website Design: JQuery Animation Showcase =-.

  6. Thanks for sharing this, these are really very nice and creative.

  7. These are great. I just watched Inglourious Basterds last night and the poster is excellently executed (no pun intended). Kill Bill is also sweet. Thanks for introducing me to Ibraheem’s work.
    .-= Autonomy´s last blog post: This feed contains no entries =-.

  8. @Autonomy: Loved the movie. Glad you like Ibraheem’s work.

  9. great works, so nice
    .-= BigM75´s last blog post: Nur unter Hallendächern rollen die Bälle mit Sicherheit =-.

  10. ooo… reminds me of paul rand so much!
    these are fantastic!!

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