15 Varied Inspirational Flyer Designs

Flyers and leaflets are invaluable print media used to promote merchandise, services, causes and events. These media are powerful and cost-effective, depending on when, where and to whom they are distributed, and most importantly, on how these print ads are designed.

In this article, we will be focusing on some of the best flyer designs on the web and what elements or principles from them can be personally helpful to you in the future.

Of course, there are no standard rules. One approach may work for you but not necessarily for everybody else, and vice versa. But it will be worth your while to know what works for other designers. You can eventually formulate your own approach altogether from there.

So hold on to your seats and take a look at these great flyer designs.

Friday Halloween Fashion

White has never been so fabulous. What’s great with this flyer is that it uses white space to its advantage. The colors used on the text blend well. Not much is happening with the background, which works for this piece since it helps the picture of the lady and the text stand out.


Oh! The colors are just screaming “Cool!” And yes, I’m listening.

This particular flyer has used the complementary colors blue and orange to its advantage. Also, it attracts the eyes towards the center at first, then leads them to the important text afterward. It remains simple but definitely not understated.

The best thing here is that there are no unnecessary details. Everything is just right. And, well, it is definitely cute. Plus it remains true to what their brand is all about.

Flight of the Concords

This one is definitely not simple and there are far too many lines to say that it’s ‘clean’.

But hey, it works! See how the varying elements actually work with each other, how the color kept everything in place and how the eye is pulled towards the focal point – to the two people in the flyer design, Bret and Jemaine. And how eventually the eye is lead to the text without them needing to look for or struggle to read it. Caution though, this kind of approach is tricky and it hardly works for every idea.

Spektrum Flyer

A party flyer with robots? And why not?

What makes this flyer cool is that it is far too unique to ignore. Plus, the color and rendering is clean and the layout gets the message across right ahead.

Massive Attack

See how typography works for this flyer. The text serves as a an integral design detail and focal point.

djoon Flyer for the Martinez Brothers

This is an interesting way of using the human face on a flyer. The color combination tells you what kind of music and entertainment the audience is going to get when they attend.

Future Bound

Another cute but stunning example here. The placement of elements is just impeccable.

Lost on Lift-Off

This is a cross between vintage and modern design. What makes this flyer cool is its deceptive simplicity. The text at the bottom is very easy to read. The car in the center of the flyer conveys the overall feel of the event.


Another text-filled flyer paired with an image of a lovely young lady. It is said that the image of an attractive face is one of the best ways to engage audiences to read on. In this case, the layout helps the image and text to “not collide”.

The approach used here is commonly used for this type of event, yet it never fails to catch the eye.

My Tools

The concept of this flyer is interesting. The title “My Tools” has been emphasized by the use of electronic devices, wrenches, masking tapes and a permanent marker. And let us not forget the microphone that is placed at the right side of the paper where someone is writing the details of the event. It points us back to what the event is all about: music. Also note of the dramatic effect the lighting lent this flyer.

Riot Clubbing

This illustration is just something. Beautifully rendered and colored. Also note how clean the layout is.

Electronic Sessions

This party flyer definitely has many details, yet these details work together quite neatly. And every corner is consistent with the overall feel of the design.


This flyer is cool in all its simplicity. And all it took is white, black and green plus a very cool and clean layout.


This one is very clean and straight-forward. It could have been better with more contrast but still works well as is.

The splash of colors give these flyers personality that’s happy and exciting. The layout also makes the text easy to read, which is always a plus point.

So that’s about it. A round-up and variety of party flyers. We’ve seen illustrations and photographs, and many stuff in between. We have also noted color, layout, readability of text and the harmony of details. I hope that you guys have enjoyed it as much as I did.

Leah Oripaypay is the voice behind the powerful ballads that you hear behind the stage when nobody is listening. Or maybe not. Hear more from her, figuratively, at the UPrinting blog and find out more about club card flyers. And much, much more.

Written by Leah Oripaypay

Leah Oripaypay is the voice behind the powerful ballads that you hear behind the stage when nobody is listening. Or maybe not. Hear more from her, figuratively, at the UPrinting blog and find out more about club card flyers. And much, much more.

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  6. Great collection of flyer designs. I like how each one has its individual style which suits the purpose from retro grunge to clean cut fresh modern designs. I love the complexity of Flight of the Conchords and how your attention is drawn to the central figures all in white set against the crazy background, and also The Martinez Brothers, and the use of clean cut lines that contribute the the portraits. Great work!

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