Fudgegraphics T-Shirts: Available Now!

I’m super thrilled to announce the launch of the Fudgegraphics Apparel Line T-shirts, now available to purchase in the Fudgegraphics Store. This project has been in the making for almost a year, it’s been on my mind for a lot longer though. There’s a total of 3 designs in the initial series which I like to call ‘Numerology’: 123, T(h)ree & Super8. Rather than simply showing off the graphics I would also like to give you a brief insight into the making, from initial sketches to choosing a printing company.

The Fudgegraphics T-shirts

FG Apparel T-Shirt 123 Mockup

FG Apparel T-Shirt Three Mockup

FG Apparel T-Shirt Super8 Mockup

FG Apparel T-Shirt Back Logo Mockup

The Background Story

I’ve always been a fan of great t-shirt designs and there’s nothing better than finding a tee with unique and bold graphics. When I started my freelance design business in 2008 it was clear from the get-go that some day I would launch my own line. It’s a dream that I’ve shared with probably 99.9% of all designers. Mid 2011 the decision was made to finally put pen to paper (literally) and I started sketching ideas, writing down word plays and buying loads of t-shirts to get a better understanding of different materials and printing techniques. Below are some initial sketches from my notebook.

FG Apparel T-Shirt 123 Super8 Sketch

FG Apparel T-Shirt 123 Sketch

FG Apparel T-Shirt Three Sketch

It was always important to me that this project would be very much DIY. I wanted to have custom label tags for instance, but rather than ordering them directly I decided to make my own using Moo MiniCards, a single hole punch and cotton string.

FG Apparel T-Shirt Label Tag

While I had about 10 good designs in my sketchbook I kept going back to the simple ones using numbers. This shouldn’t have come as a surprise though, I am rather obsessed with numbers. I like my t-shirt graphics bold, simple and clever with a special focus on typography.

The T-shirts

Designing appealing t-shirt graphics is only half the battle though, you’ll also need to find a reliable printer who understands your needs as well as being great at his job. I found the perfect match with Icon Printing, based in east London. Using a local printer has many advantages, you’re able to meet in person which is invaluable when you’re just starting out. It also allows you to reduce shipping costs and turnaround times. Icon have been very supportive from the beginning and I couldn’t be happier with the print and garment quality.

When I set out to start my own t-shirt line there were 2 main priorities. I wanted to design t-shirts graphics that I would want to wear all the time and the t-shirts should have a great feel and fit. This is why I opted to use water-based inks printed Continental Earth Positive organic tees. For now I’ve only got unisex tees in S, M, L & XL, but I’m planning on launching ladies cuts if there’s demand for them. Each order will also include a small goodie pack in the form of custom stickers.

FG Apparel Sticker Goodies

The first run is very limited so you might want to hurry with your order.

Final Words

Running this blog has always been a passion of mine and I want to thank everyone for your continuous support. I wouldn’t have dared to open an online store if it hadn’t been for you. Thank you!

Visit the Fudgegraphics Shop and check out the Fudgegraphics T-Shirts!


Written by Franz Jeitz

Franz Jeitz is a freelance designer and owner of Fudgegraphics. Originally from Luxembourg he now lives in London. Franz loves design, music and is a tea enthusiast. Follow him on Twitter.

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