Hi, my name is Franz Jeitz, I’m from Luxembourg and was born in October ’85. Currently I’m located in London where I work as a freelance graphic designer.

Some of my obsessions include: graphic design – tea, coffee – indie/rock/folk music – numbers – typography & lettering

I like talking to people:

About Fudgegraphics:

Fudgegraphics was born in April 2008. With exams coming up I thought it would be a perfect time to start my own blog. Fudgegraphics can be described as a design inspirational blog. It is a source of freebies such as photoshop brushes, textures and vectors. I aim to make the quality the highest possible. With a design community so giving and helpful it is my pleasure to provide free resources for like-minded people. Furthermore Fudegraphics is home to the personal portfolio of Franz Jeitz.

I hope you enjoy your stay and that you’ll find some useful resources and tips. I encourage you to leave comments and to contact me.