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Sound of the Wild: T-Shirts and Jumpers

Over the past year I’ve taken a step back from the blogging world and have been focusing a lot on my typography skills instead. The community on Instagram has been instrumental in pushing me forward. It also gave me the fantastic opportunity to collaborate with The Level Collective on my latest apparel design: Sound of the Wild. + Continue Reading

Fudgegraphics T-Shirts: Available Now!

FG Apparel T-Shirts Thumb

I’m super thrilled to announce the launch of the Fudgegraphics Apparel Line T-shirts, now available to purchase in the Fudgegraphics Store. This project has been in the making for almost a year, it’s been on my mind for a lot longer though. There’s a total of 3 designs in the initial series which I like to call ‘Numerology’: 123, T(h)ree & Super8. Rather than simply showing off the graphics I would also like to give you a brief insight into the making, from initial sketches to choosing a printing company. + Continue Reading