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Featured Artist: Sean Freeman

Sean Freeman is a talented UK-based illustrator and designer. He’s best know for his typographic art and I’m sure most people in Britain will have come across his fantastic works for the “Think – Drug Driving Campaign”. Sean’s portfolio can be found at Make sure to check it out and don’t forget to visit the archive for even more inspiration. + Continue Reading

Featured Artist: Emeric Trahand aka Takeshi

Emeric Trahand, also known as Takeshi, is an exceptional graphic designer, art director and illustrator from France. Hence it comes as no surprise that he’s a member of the Keystone Design Union and the Depthcore digital arts community. Emeric has worked for some of the biggest clients including Adidas, EMI Music, Suzuki and Unicef to name only a few. Make sure to visit the portfolio at Stillontherun. Here’s a selection of his inspirational works. + Continue Reading

3rd Showcase of the Fudgegraphics Flickr Group

This is the 3rd issue of the Fudgegraphics Flickr Group Showcase filled with over 20 amazingly inspirational designs. The group currently features 1450+ submissions by more than 300 different users. Below are my favourite designs from the past 6 months. They range from retro minimalism to full blown shiny 3D art. I hope you like them as much as I do. Furthermore I want to take this opportunity to thank you, the users, once more for your fantastic support. If you haven’t done so already join the Fudgegraphics Flickr Group and submit your designs. Maybe you’ll be featured in a future showcase. + Continue Reading

Featured Studio: La Boca

Founded in 2002, La Boca is an independent design circus specializing in art & design for the film, music and fashion industries. The London-based studio is run by Scot Bendall and Alain de la Mata. Clients include Capitol Films, Interscope Records and Sony BMG. Without further ado here’s a selection of their work for your inpiration. Enjoy and make sure to head over to for more.

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Featured Artist: Loic Sattler

Loïc Sattler is a French Art Director experienced in web, multimedia, print collateral, clothes styling, and corporate identity. He studied Media Communication and Multimedia for 2 years at the university Louis Pasteur (France), as well as 2 years in multimedia creation / theory at the European Institute of Design (France). In 2003, he launched his platform into virtual orbit, where he showcases selected artistic zand professional projects. Here’s just a small selection of is work for your inspiration. Don’t forget to have a look at the archived projects!

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Guest Article: 20+ Amazing Typography Designs

Personally, typography and cool type treatments are my absolute favorite when it comes to design. There is an endless amount of room for creativity but still somewhat of a structure to follow leading to some real problems to solve and producing some real epic pieces of art. We all know typography has been around forever. But lately there has really been an outburst of some really amazing forward thinkers in the field. It seems that people are really finally grasping onto type as an aesthetic and not so much as… well… just text! Here are some of my favorite pieces to share with you! Enjoy!

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Featured: Shotopopp Studio

Brighton based Shotopopp Studio is the playground of Casper Franken and Carin Standford. Their service includes everything design as to offer: illustration, web & print design aswell as animation. They excell in everything they do. I urge you to check out their website at I can’t remember when I last visited a flash based site which was such a pleasure to navigate. Here’s some samples of their work for your inspiration. + Continue Reading

Featured Artist: Rachel Rivera

It’s been a while since I last featured an artist. It’s getting harder and harder to find fresh and new talent, but I found just the right artist. Rachel Rivera (b. 1985) is a multi disciplined graphic designer with experience in branding, corporate identity, illustration and fashion. She lives in Vancouver, British Columbia. I am most fond of her typography works. Make sure to visit her portfolio at cause there’s plenty more inspiration in store for you. + Continue Reading