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Featured Artist: Vince Fraser

Vince Fraser is a digital artist from London. With his 37 years he’s what you’d call an experienced designer. Though Vince emphasizes that he’s still young at heart. I asked him where he draws his inspiration from and what influences his art. This is a direct quote:

“Anything can be an inspiration, but I enjoy taking a good long walk and just looking around at people, places, and signs… that and listening to music is always great. I’m a big 70’s music fan from way back and love everything from that era like Movies, Television, fashion and toys. I ate it all up as a kid and still do to this day. I think this can be seen in some of my personal pieces – with strong powerful female characters similar to actor Pam Grier in the blaxploitation films of that period.”

As favourite artists Vince lists the following: Electricheat, Vault 49, No Pattern, Destill, Hejz, Xtrabold,McFaul and Jacey.

Most recently Vince has been on the payroll of big companies such as Hugo Boss, British Airways, PC World, Sony and Saatchi & Saatchi.

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Featured Artist: Chadwick Trammell

Chadwick Trammell is a 21 year old designer from Atlanta, Georgia. He draws his inspiration from a lot of different places like movies, music, dreams and other designer’s work. His goal is to offer viewers something fresh and new. I especially enjoy his typographic pieces. Unfortunately Chadwick doesn’t have a personal portfolio yet. See more of his art on deviantArt where he’s better known under the alias of SC-3.

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Featured Artist: Joseph Gonzalez

Joseph Gonzalez from Northwest Indiana sent me an e-mail 2 weeks ago and asked to take a look at his portfolio. Eager to discover new graphic designer I did just that and was impressed by the simplicity of his portfolio combined with the vibrating artworks on display. I can’t really put a name to his style, like Joseph says, he’s not stuck in a particular niche. By the way, Joseph Gonzalez’ identity is called Miracletwentyone and he also runs a nice blog. Make sure to visit the portfolio to get the full experience.

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Featured Artist: Pablo Alfieri

Pablo Alfieri, born in ’82 in Buenos Aires, is an amazing graphic designer and illustrator. His work reminds me sometimes of Pete Harrison (aeiko). I really enjoyed flicking through his portfolio entitled Playful, even though the navigation could be a bit more organic. I especially liked the poster mock-ups. It’s a new take on the whole “I-hold-the-poster-with-both-hands” presentation. You’ll see what I mean.

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Featured Artist: Linn Olofsdotter

Linn Olofsdotter is an insanely talented illustrator from Sweden who’s now working in Brazil. She got a tutorial in the August issue of Computer Arts Magazine which should be available soon on their website. If you can’t wait try to get your hands on a copy. It’s well worth it! Linn Olofsdotter combines hand drawn elements with beautiful colour schemes and awesome textures. I really wish I had her talent. This is a premiere for fudgegraphics. Linn is the first female artist to be featured on fudgegraphics, but I hope there’ll be more to come. Below is a selection of her work. More inspiration from her massive portfolio.

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Get Free Exposure on Fudgegraphics

If you followed fudgegraphics for a while you will have noticed that I love to feature the works of fellow designers. If you want your designs to gain some free exposure please send me a mail at info[a]fudgegraphics[dot]com or leave a comment on this post. I will gladly take a look and if I like what I see I’ll write about it. You don’t even have to be the artist. I encourage everyone to suggest graphic designers who deserve to get exposure on fudgegraphics.

Featured Artist: Nelson Balaban

Nelson Balaban is only 19 years old which makes his art that more impressive. This Brazil based graphic designer works as a freelancer under the alias of XTRABOLD. Visit his portfolio for more inspiration.
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Extraweg releases new t-shirt designs

20 year old Oliver Latta from Germany has just released his new Extraweg T-shirts. They look great and only cost between 22 to 25 Euros. Apart from his clothing graphics he also got a nice little portfolio on deviantArt.

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