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Featured Artist: Jonas Buntenbruch

Jonas Buntentbruch from Germany has started a very special and interesting portfolio: DONE (daily design workout). Every day he will complete a new design. He started on January 1st and will finish on December 31st. I admire his dedication. It is a great way to learn new things and to keep the creativity flowing. I wish him all the best and will certainly check his work regularly.

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Featured Artist: David Carron

David Carron is a 20 year old student from Denver, Colorado working as a freelance designer and illustrator. When I first saw his work I was blown away. He manages to combine beatiful colour schemes with detailed illustrations and photos. His symbiosis between grunge elements and fine lines is very unique. Catch more of his work at or at

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Featured Artist: Pawel Nolbert

Pawl Nolbert is a freelance graphic / web designer and illustrator from Poland. He worked for clients like Citroen, Nike, Unilever and McDonalds. I stumbled upon his gorgeous portfolio at through his deviantart account. He knows how to put bright colours to life using different techniques of swirls, glows and the popular “grunge paper overlay” effect.

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Featured Artist(s): MCXU

MCXU is a “family” of artists who contribute their work. The styles are very different and range from photography to graphic design and illustration. There should be something fer everyone. As far as I know they’re all German.

Sebastian Schneider
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Featured Artist: Jason Munn

Jason Munn is originally from Wisconsin but now calls Oakland, California home. His design studio The Small Stakes is mainly into music related art such as CD cover design, poster graphics and Apparel. Jason has worked for some of my favourite bands including Death Cab for Cutie, Modest Mouse, Nada Surf and The Shins. I would describe his style as being retro minimalistic. Great Stuff!

Featured Artist: Chuck Anderson

Chuck Anderson is a 22 year old self-taught graphic designer working in Illinois. His client base includes Absolut, Bacardi, Nokia, Sony and Urban Outfitters to name only a few. I especially like his lightning effects, but his composition skills rock too. Check his work at, his own design company. You’ll also be able to read up on him in the many articles featured on his site.

Featured Artist: Jeremy Prasatik is the award winning website/portfolio of Jeremy Prasatik. I doesn’t reveal a lot about himself, but he shares his beautiful work with us. Personally that’s enough for me. Take your time and browse through the endless pieces he has to offer.

Featured Artist: Paolo Lim is the personal portfolio of Paolo Lim based in South Australia. You won’t find a lot of information about him except that he’s working freelance and comes from Manila. Well, they do say a picture says a thousand words.