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New York Concrete: 10 Free Hi-Res Textures

NY Concrete Textures Thumbnail

The latest texture pack contains 10 high resolution concrete textures taken during my last trip to New York City. I took over 300 photos, mostly of the regular tourist attractions. I did however think of you as well and was always on the lookout for some textures to share with the readers of fudgegraphics. Consider them to be your postcard from me. Or if you like your “I heart NY C(oncrete) t-shirt”. I tried to photograph light grunge concrete textures which can be used to destroy and distress your designs without being to invasive. You may recognize some of them already as I used a couple to make the previously released Grunge Nebulae Textures. As always you may use these in your personal and commercial projects. At a stunning size of 3264px by 2448px they’re ideal for both web and print design. I hope you like them. + Continue Reading

5 Free Hi-Res Grunge Nebulae Textures

This latest textures pack consists of 5 free high resolution grunge nebulae textures. In order to achieve a more cosmic feel a couple of regular concrete and rust textures were blended together in Photoshop using different overlay modes. It was really fun to make these and to play around with settings and colours and I hope you like them. All textures are a stunning 3264px by 2448px large and you may use them in your personal as well as commercial projects.

grunge-nebulae-preview-by-fudgegraphics + Continue Reading

Ink Scribbles: Free Hi-Res Photoshop Brushes

Ink Scribbles PS Brushes Thumbnail

It is time for another free high resolution Photoshop Brushes Set. This time I used India Ink and a bamboo stick to go completely crazy. This resulted in 21 Ink Scribbles (or Smudges) Brushes. As always I only provide you with the highest resolution brushes, these are between 2243px and 2500px large. Grab them and get creative. Don’t forget to post your designs in the Fudgegraphics User Showcase on Flickr for all of us to see. + Continue Reading

4 Free Hi-Res Grunge Textures: Hey…

Today I have a very special texture for you. Andre Oliveira aka heymeca has given me the opportunity to distribute his “Hey… Textures” Pack for free. They have a great grunge feel to them and the colours are just amazing. The best part is that they are of a very high resolution and you may use them in personal as well as commercial projects. Simply click each image to download (the texture size is only visible in the previews).

barrel + Continue Reading

What’s Your Favourite Colour?

Favourite Colour Group Interview Thumbnail

Colours tell a lot about someone’s personality. So in an effort to learn a bit more about my favourite designers and bloggers I started a 1-question mass interview to ask them what their favourite colour is. Although the colours they chose are very different these 40 creative minds have one thing in common. They are at the top of their game and I respect them deeply for their contributions to the design community. So please visit their websites/blogs and discover outstanding articles, free high quality resources and gorgeous designs.
As a bonus I made an A2 poster containing all the favourite colours with the respective names for you to download as pdf for free. All you need to do is take it to your local print shop or simply use your inkjet at home to print it. + Continue Reading

Vector Freebies: Hand Drawn Wings

Hand Drawn Wings Vector Freebies Thumbnail

The amazingly talented guys from GoMedia are working on their 14th Vector Pack. The Hand Drawn Wings Set has been released on its own and I got an exclusive preview of it. Let me tell you this: it is gorgeous. The level of detail is incredibely rich. These wings are perfect for t-shirt graphics and any designs for print. + Continue Reading

Sticky Tape: Free Hi-Res Photoshop Brushes + Textures

Sticky Tape PS Brushes and Textures Thumbnail

Photoshop Brushes are an easy way to spice up your designs. Grab them, place them and you’re done. Ever since CS1 Photoshop allows you to use brushes up to 2500px large. This makes them perfect for webdesign as well as projects for print. This latest high resolution brush set includes 15 sticky tape brushes. They’re all between 2261px and 2500px large. For those of you stuck on older Photoshop versions I included the source files used to make the brushes as a texture pack. All textures are 2500px large and come in png format. This way no one has to miss out on this freebie release. + Continue Reading

Messy Watercolours: Free Hi-Res Photoshop Brushes

Messy Watercolour PS Brushes Thumbnail

I love making Hi-Res Photoshop Brushes and giving them away, free for personal and commercial use. In order to reach a bigger audience I have decided to release the Messy Watercolours Brushes in conjunction with Smashing Magazine. With over 100k subscribers it is the perfect blog. The set has been split into two parts. Part 1 is released on Smashing Magazine. There are 12 high resolution brushes between 2156px and 2294px.

Part 2 contains 18 brushes and is available from fudgegraphics. These brushes are between 2136px and 2500px. Please continue reading to get to the download links. + Continue Reading