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Seasons: Free Christmas Print

Let me start of with wishing you all a very jolly Christmas. Today is the traditional Christmas present day. Though I don’t have a tree nor wrapping paper I still want to give you a present to celebrate the festive season. Rather than giving away another set of Photoshop brushes or textures I decided to make something more special: a “free” print design. I would have loved to send you all a finished print, but my financial means did not allow this. Instead you have the possibility to download the hi-res pdf (A3, 300dpi) of the print design entitled “Seasons”. Grab it and take it to your local print shop or simply use your home printer. You can choose between a blue or brown version (or both). I hope you like the present and don’t worry, I don’t expect anything in resturn. Happy Holidays!

Blue Seasons

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Free Vectors: Ink Trees

Vector Ink Trees Thumbnail

I shall give you a free vector set containing 21 ink tree silhouettes. They were all hand drawn with india ink and a bamboo stick before being scanned in and traced. The biggest advantage of vectors is that they can be scaled to any size without loss of quality. That makes them ideal for large prints, t-shirt designs and any other project which needs high resolution resources. I am really happy with the outcome and I hope you like them aswell. As always with fudgegraphics freebies you may use them in personal and commercial artwork. + Continue Reading

Hi-Res Wood Textures exclusively on PSDFan

I’ve teamed up with Tom from PSDFan to release an exclusive Texture Pack. The set contains 10 wood textures which are all 3264×2448 in size. You may use them in commercial and personal projects. I decided to release them not on fudgegraphics but on PSDFan is expand my blog. It enables me to reach my readers as well as new ones. This is the first time I tried this method and I hope it will help me (and Tom) grow.

While you’re over there I would suggest to read my interview on PSDFan. You might learn something new about me.

Click on the preview image to get to the download link and see a preview of each texture.

Free Hi-Res Autumn Textures: Tree Silhouettes + Leaves


Although you may see Christmas decorations everywhere technically it is still Autumn. So last weekend I decided to go to the local park and shoot some textures related to this inspiring season of the year. It’s the time of change and natural decay. The textures are split into 2 sets: Tree Silhouettes and Leaves. All images are a stunning 3264×2448 pixels large and there’s a total of 19 textures in both sets. As always you are free to use these freebies in personal and commercial projects. I hope you like them and can put them to good use. So here we go. + Continue Reading

Free Watercolour Brush Strokes: Hi-Res PS Brushes + Source Files

Watercolour Strokes PS Brushes Thumbnail

I did it again. This is already the 3rd Watercolour Photoshop Brush Set to be released on fudgegraphics. But if you’re anything like me you can’t get enough of them. This time I restrained myself to only produce actual brush strokes (with the exception of one blop). All 14 brushes are a extremely hi-res, with resolutions ranging from 1597px up to 2500px.

For all those who are using Photoshop versions prior to CS1 I threw in the source files as well. All 14 images are available in png format and measure a stunning 2500px by 2500px. And all this for free. + Continue Reading

Free High Resolution Plain and Grunge Paper Textures



I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love free stuff. Well I love it, and I enjoy sharing my free resources with you. Ever since I read BittBox’s tutorial on how to make awesome grungy paper textures I wanted to do it myself. Finally I found the time to play with it. Once I had started there was no holding me back. I was looking through all my old paper stocks to find some more special textures to scan and tweak in Photoshop. In order to achieve an even grungier look some of the paper sheets were “marinated” in tea, folded and dried before scanning them. To be honest these freebies are the ones that took the longest to complete, but it was good, although slighlty dirty, fun to make them. I hope you enjoy them. As always I encourage you to send me your designs as I am really curious as to what you used them for.

There are a total of 10 free high resolution textures divided into 2 sets. Almost all paper textures are a stunning 3000px wide (well 9 out of 10) and you have the chance to see previews (with the exact dimensions) of them all below. + Continue Reading

Free Urban Texture Pack

It’s time again for another set of free textures. The Urban Texture Pack contains 25 large textures of concrete, walls and basically everything I could find in the lovely city of Luxembourg. I should really make a habit out of taking my camera weherever I go. At first I didn’t find any interesting textures, but soon I had to worry about not running out of batteries as I was shooting like crazy. The textures are ideal as overlay to give a slight grunge feeling to your art (a technique I apply quite often). Whatever you’re gonna use the textures for I hope you have fun with them. Feel free to send me your designs. I’m always curious to see how my freebies have been put to use. Download after the jump.

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Free Fabric Texture Pack

As promised when I released the Hi-Res Fabric Texture Brushes here are the source files used to make them. The pack contains 11 fabric textures and all of them are 2500px (wide side). As much as I love Photoshop Brushes I love free textures more. They give you more freedom to tweak and alter. Before saying anything stupid I’ll just wish you a lot fun with the textures. As always you are free to use them in personal as well as commercial projects.

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