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2 Interviews on Phire Design


AJ from Phire Design started a new series of interviews and I am happy to announce that I’m part of it. The first interview investigates how different people blog while the second one looks into how freelance designers manage their time and assets. It is a very interesting read. Some of the people who contributed are: Adelle Charles (Fuel Your Creativity), Jacob Cass (Just Creative Design), Andrew Houle (My Ink Blog), Calvin Lee (Mayhem Studios), Grant Friedman (Colourburned) and Brian Lovin (Elite By Design). I feel honoured to be amongst those great designers/bloggers. If everything goes to plan I will be a regular in the upcoming interview. The next one is supposed investigate the different Twitter routines. Here are the links for the first to interviews:

How Do You Blog?

How Do You Manage?

Never Love Again Wallpaper released on FYC

Never Love Again Wallpaper Thumbnail

I have released my latest wallpaper exclusively on Fuel Your Creativity. Adelle Charles, founder of FYC, kindly asked me to contribute to her blog and I was more than happy to comply. I absolutely love giving away free stuff. The wallpaper is entitled “Never Love Again” which is a reference to a song by one of my favourite bands: Cherbourg. It comes in 3 different colour schemes (green, blue and red) and is available in these resolutions: 1920×1200 (suitable for 1440×900), 1600×1200 and 1280×1024. + Continue Reading

Vote for fudgegraphics on Blogging Idol 2


As mentioned in the latest news post I am a contestant to become the next Blogging Idol (2). The contest is run by BailyBlogTips and there are three criteria which determine the winner: the blog with the greatest increase in subscribers gets points, there is a jury and the public can vote for their favourite blog. The voting session has just opened and will close on the 28th November. I could really use some help with that. I’m number 59 in the list. Thank you so much for your support!

Hi-Res Wood Textures exclusively on PSDFan

I’ve teamed up with Tom from PSDFan to release an exclusive Texture Pack. The set contains 10 wood textures which are all 3264×2448 in size. You may use them in commercial and personal projects. I decided to release them not on fudgegraphics but on PSDFan is expand my blog. It enables me to reach my readers as well as new ones. This is the first time I tried this method and I hope it will help me (and Tom) grow.

While you’re over there I would suggest to read my interview on PSDFan. You might learn something new about me.

Click on the preview image to get to the download link and see a preview of each texture.

November News: Minor Redesign and more

As you can see fudgegraphics got a slightly new look. The main content area has not been changed, but I felt the header needed some spicing up. I actually used on of the paper textures which you can get here in case you missed them. Anyways, I hope you like the new look.

With the design come a few new features. They are all about RSS. You now have to option to subscribe to fudgegraphics either via your regular reader or you can get all the updates via e-mail straight to your inbox. Furthermore I finally added the feed count widget. I was thrilled when I broke the 1000 subscriber barrier and I hope to break some more soon.

Fudgegraphics is participating in a competition to become the next Blogging Idol hosted by Daily Blog Tips. 125 blogs have registred and the contest ends on the 30th November. While there is a jury giving points for the best blogs you also get rewarded for having the biggest increase in subscribers. They even got a Live Score Board where you can follow the contest. At the moment I’m ranked second and hope that with your help I can reach the top spot. So please consider subscribing to this blog if you haven’t done so. That way you will never miss a post and are always the first to grab those tasty freebies you all love so much.

Speaking of freebies. I want to know which freebies you like most. I am open for all suggestions and will do my best to create and share it with you. If you want to have your say you can visit (and join) the fudgegraphics user showcase on flickr where I have prepared a discussion topic for your freebie requests. Or you can leave a comment on this post. In case you want a more personal way of telling me what you want you can always contact me via Twitter.

That is all for now.

Interviewed on PSDFAN

I was asked to do an interview on PSDFAN, a new blog featuring photoshop tutorials, freebies and interviews. Tom Ross runs it and he does a great job. I just want to thank him again for offering me this opportunity.

If you like to get to know me a bit better you can read the interview on PSDFAN. I hope you enjoy it. Feel free to ask some more questions I will gladly answer them all.

*Note: I had to publish this post again since it was not showing in the google reader feed for some reason.

UPrinting Business Cards Winners Announcement


2 Weeks ago I got together with Uprinting to offer my readers the chance to win free business cards. The contest is now over and 4 lucky winners were chosen at random to get 250 free business cards each. I know you’re curious to find out whether you got them. So here are the winners: + Continue Reading

Artists’ Tea and Coffee Appreciation Group on Flickr

I’m a self-diagnosed tea and coffee addict and I am not ashamed about it. I know that many artists, be they designers, musicians, photographers or other got the same problem. Without our daily dose of cafeine we just don’t function. In order not to be alone with that burden I decided to open a flickr group where I invite you all to post your “I-drink-tea/coffee-self-portraits“. I believe this is a nice way to get to know each other a bit better. After all we’re a big and happy family. Join the Artists’s Tea/Coffee Appreciation Group now.