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Interviewed on PSDFAN

I was asked to do an interview on PSDFAN, a new blog featuring photoshop tutorials, freebies and interviews. Tom Ross runs it and he does a great job. I just want to thank him again for offering me this opportunity.

If you like to get to know me a bit better you can read the interview on PSDFAN. I hope you enjoy it. Feel free to ask some more questions I will gladly answer them all.

*Note: I had to publish this post again since it was not showing in the google reader feed for some reason.

UPrinting Business Cards Winners Announcement


2 Weeks ago I got together with Uprinting to offer my readers the chance to win free business cards. The contest is now over and 4 lucky winners were chosen at random to get 250 free business cards each. I know you’re curious to find out whether you got them. So here are the winners: + Continue Reading

Artists’ Tea and Coffee Appreciation Group on Flickr

I’m a self-diagnosed tea and coffee addict and I am not ashamed about it. I know that many artists, be they designers, musicians, photographers or other got the same problem. Without our daily dose of cafeine we just don’t function. In order not to be alone with that burden I decided to open a flickr group where I invite you all to post your “I-drink-tea/coffee-self-portraits“. I believe this is a nice way to get to know each other a bit better. After all we’re a big and happy family. Join the Artists’s Tea/Coffee Appreciation Group now.

Please update the feed

I am very sorry for this post. During the technical difficulties fudgegraphics suffered from last week the feed address got lost. Please make sure you are subscribed to the feedburner feed. Thank you very much!

Today is Blog Action Day 2008: Poverty


As mentioned a couple weeks back today is Blog Action Day 2008: Poverty. Today thousands of bloggers will unite to discuss a single issue – poverty. We aim to raise awareness, initiate action and to shake the web! Blog Action Day have compliled a list of 88 ways to do something about poverty today. I have already donated for this cause and hope that this post will motivate some of my dear readers to do so too, or to take another positive action to fight poverty. Together we can actually make a difference. Be part of it!

Fudgegraphics Flickr Group


Those of you following me on Twitter will already know: Fudgegraphics has got an official User Showcase Flickr Group. This is the place for you to upload your designs made from fudgegraphics freebies. I am not strict though. You may publish all your artworks there. In return they will be featured in the sidebar. Isn’t it nice to get some free exposure? While you’re at it make sure to post the designs to MyInkBlogs Group , Fuel Your Creativity Group and BittBox’s Group. I can’t wait to see all of your creations. Click here to join the Flickr Group.

Thomas Schostok {ths} releases his new book: Mr. Trash

To be honest I’ve never heard of Thomas Schostok, aka {ths}, until I received a mail today informing me of the release of his new book entitled “Mr. Trash”. I am really happy I got notified, because what I was about to see (and show you now) blew me away. Instead of trying to come up with some copy-paste, slightly modified text, I will simply give you the official press release: + Continue Reading

Styletime Contest: Blog Action Day Poverty

blog action day logo

Styletime have launched an incredible contest to raise money and awareness for the Blog Action Day 2008: Poverty which is schedule for October 15.The prizes are beyond spectacular. There’s something for everyone: from free blog hosting to free logo design or even private design consultations. All you have to do is donate 1$ or more and write about the contest to enter. Make sure to read the instructions and get the full list of prizes over at Styletime. Together we can make a difference. Do your part and all will benefit.