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123fourFive Remix Challenge by beaucoupzero

123FourFive remix challenge. by *beaucoupzero on deviantART
Matei Apostolescu (beacoupzero) has launched the Remix Challenge again. The goal is to use the different elements of the artwork 123fourFive and rearrange them build a new design. I really love Matei’s art and this challenge is a great way to get an inside look. Everyone is allowed to submit 2 remixes and the deadline is the 29th September 2008. For all terms and to download the source files click here. Just wanted to stress that you are not allowed to use any files provided other than for the purpose of this contest. Get creative for the chance to win a canvas print of the original piece.

fudgegraphics is on twitter

It took some self-convincing but I finally gave in and joined Twitter. I’m not sure how much I will use it and whether it’s really worth it or just another social site to waste time on. If I believed what I read about it I’ll be hooked in about 2 weeks time. Only time will tell. Anyways, you can follow me here. Having an addictive personality (coffee, tea, cigarettes, …) I’m sure I’ll be abusing the service soon.

Get Free Exposure on Fudgegraphics

If you followed fudgegraphics for a while you will have noticed that I love to feature the works of fellow designers. If you want your designs to gain some free exposure please send me a mail at info[a]fudgegraphics[dot]com or leave a comment on this post. I will gladly take a look and if I like what I see I’ll write about it. You don’t even have to be the artist. I encourage everyone to suggest graphic designers who deserve to get exposure on fudgegraphics.

Extraweg releases new t-shirt designs

20 year old Oliver Latta from Germany has just released his new Extraweg T-shirts. They look great and only cost between 22 to 25 Euros. Apart from his clothing graphics he also got a nice little portfolio on deviantArt.

Extraweg T-ShirtExtraweg T-Shirt + Continue Reading

fudgegraphics has yet another design

Yes I know! I just can’t help it. I wasn’t happy with the design and decided to give it a new look. Hopefully this design is more user-friendly. Please let me know if there are any bugs.

Jonathan Haggard updates his portfolio

A couple weeks back I featured the work of Jonathan Haggard who works under the alias of “skryingbreath”. He dropped me a mail to inform me of his newly launched portfolio at It is definitely worth a look.

Closer by Jonathan Haggard

Great News and Exciting Discovery

Good news first. I passed all of this year’s exams and will start my MSci Physics in September at UCL. Until then I’ve got all the time to invest myself into the world of fudgegraphics. Also, I bought the latest issue of Advanced Photoshop Magazine this afternoon and while flicking through it I discovered this:

tea stains brushes in the wild

So Advanced Photoshop have compiled a list of the best freebie-websites out there including MyPhotoshopBrushes. My Tea Stains brush set (2nd in the first row) was lucky enough to have made it into the screencap. I’m really excited about this indirect advertising. Also I discovered that my brushes got rated an excellent 5.7/6. Whoop Whoop.

Hugo Create Contest Round 3 still open

hugo create context banner
Hugo fragrances has launched a design contest a couple months back and right now the 3rd round of 4 is open for submissions until the 5th of July. The theme of round 3 is “City Sounds”. In each round the top 10 designs get 500$ each. I’d say that is a good reason to participate. Even if you’re new to design you can still enter. The Hugo Create Site has a design generater which allows you to use background templates and design elements such as swirls and arrows to complete your entry. Go ahead and play with it. It’s good fun and inspires at the same time. Obviously the quality ranges from low to high. These are some of my favourite entries.

hugo create contest entry + Continue Reading