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Free Hi-Res Photoshop Brushes: Tea Stains

I’ve just completed my first set of photoshop brushes. The resolutions are between 750px up to 2500px. The set contains a total of 10 brushes. Download after the jump. I really hope you like them and can put them to good use. As with all freebies found on this blog these are free for commercial and personal use. Go! Get messy! FYI, these tea stains can easily be used as coffee stains Photoshop brushes + Continue Reading

Hand Drawn Fonts Collection

I’ve compiled a list of free hand drawn fonts. They’re not the classic handwritten style but rather sketches of actual serif and sans serif fonts. If you know of any other font that would fit into this collection let me know. + Continue Reading

PicLens: great web browser plugin

PicLens is the most amazing thing I’ve experienced lately. It is a plugin that lets you turn a simple photostream into an interactive module to browse images. It is really sad that there are no real screenshots available, but trust me. It is the bomb. It is supported by the major browsers, although it works best in firefox. If your lucky enough to an apple laptop with 2-finger scrolling enabled trackpad then you’re in for a treat.

Basically what the plugin does is project the pictures from flickr, deviantart, google, facebook, … onto a wall which you can zoom in on, turn left and right or simply lay back and enjoy a slideshow. It’s never been been more fun to look for inspiration. Let me know what you think about it.

May 08 Wallpaper

I’ve just finished my latest wallpaper. It includes the calendar of May, but a none-calendar version is always available. It comes in 1920×1600 (suitable for 1440×900), 1600×1200 and 1280×1024. Enjoy!

Download May 08 Wallpaper Set:

includes 1 .zip archive with 6 wallpapers

Take A Seat: Free Vector Pack

So after uploading my old vectors I was in the mood for some more and promptly started looking for photos to trace. This set includes 8 free vectors of chairs, couches and basically anything you can sit on. I would love to see your designs. + Continue Reading

Sit Down! Free Vector Pack

I made these a while back and wanted to share them with you. There are only 4 inside the pack and they come in eps format. I hope you like them. I would love to see how you use them.
+ Continue Reading

Word Clock: Typographic Screensaver

Word Clock is a typographic screensaver for Mac OS X. It displays a fixed list of all numbers and words sufficient to express any possible date and time as a sentence. Word Clock displays time by highlighting appropriate words as each second passes.

image taken from

Trevor Jackson: Hand Alphabet

I did something like this for my girlfriend once and it took me some time to figure out how to do the different letters. This would have made it so much easier. Trevor Jackson did the whole alphabet. Surprise someone with a personal, ‘hand-written’, message.