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40+ Great Summer Wallpapers

With temperature rising to 26 ºC (in London) and above there’s no better time to get in the mood for summer. Who knows how long it will last. Therefore I put together a collection of the best summer wallpapers for all those who have to sit in front of a computer, but still want to feel the heat. No sunblock needed.

Summer by ~cyrusyrus on deviantART
Resolutions: 1280×800, 1440×900, 1680×1050, 1920×1200

Great Summer Feeling. by ~PhysicalMagic on deviantART
Resolutions: 1600×1200, 1280×1024, 1440×900
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Free Wallpaper by Daniele De Nigris

The amazing work of Daniele De Nigris has already been featured on fudgegraphics. DND was kind enough to give me permission to distribute one of his wallpapers for free. The wallpaper comes in 3 different resolutions which should cover most conventional screens. Make sure to visit his flickr stream which is filled with more gorgeous art.

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July 08 Calendar Wallpaper

It’s not July just yet but I’ve still finished the calendar wallpaper for July 2008. This is partly due to the fact that I will be moving on Thursday and don’t know how much time it will take to get settled in. As always the wallpaper comes in 2 versions: with and without the calendar. This way, if you like it, you can still use it after the month has passed. You even have the choice between a bright and dark version.

There are 2 different resolutions available: 1920×1200, which is suitable for 1440×900, and 1600×1200. I hope these will suit your needs. Feel free to drop a comment if you need it in a different aspect ratio and I’ll do my best to provide it to you.

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Rhino: June 08 Wallpaper

I’ve just finished the new calendar series wallpaper for June 08 and I couldn’t wait to show it to you. It comes in 3 different resolution and you have the option to download a non-calendar version of each. This month I submitted my design to Smashing Magazine which features each month the best calendar wallpaper. Let’s hope they like it.
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Typographic Wallpapers from AisleOne

AisleOne is a blog specialized in typography, graphic design and minimalism. Apart from great inspirational posts they also offer a couple of amazing typographic wallpapers.

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May 08 Wallpaper

I’ve just finished my latest wallpaper. It includes the calendar of May, but a none-calendar version is always available. It comes in 1920×1600 (suitable for 1440×900), 1600×1200 and 1280×1024. Enjoy!

Download May 08 Wallpaper Set:

includes 1 .zip archive with 6 wallpapers

Cloud 9 Wallpaper

cloud 9

The simple version of my april 08 calendar wallpaper. get it here. Just to specify (you’ve probably noticed though): this work has been hugely inspired by iso50‘s incredible style!. What can I say. Scott Hansen rocks!

Calendar Wallpapers

april 08

march 08

These are my first calendar wallpapers which you can download on deviantArt. I’ll do my best to design a new one every month.