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Fudgegraphics gets a facelift (v7)

It’s been a long time coming, 18 months to be precise, Fudgegraphics presents itself with a shiny new look. Those following me on Twitter or checking what I’m up to on Dribbble will know that I’ve been working on this new design for quite a while now. As every designer will tell you: You Are Your Worst Client! I knew that, which is why I never predicted an exact release date. It would be ready when it’s ready. That time is now. + Continue Reading

Best April Fool Jokes on the Web

As a kid I always loved the 1st of April and all the jokes that come with it. What changed between then and now? Well, nothing really. Except, rather than coming up with my own pranks I decided to feature the best online April Fool Jokes of 2010. I’m sure this is only the tip of the iceberg, so please leave a comment and share your favourite joke this year. One thing is for certain though: Google are king when it comes to April Fools.

Click the images to view the articles in its entity. Note that some of them might be removed after April 1st.

Youtube introduces TEXTp:

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Outstanding Myspace Music Profile Designs + CSS Cheat Sheet

Myspace’s time as leading personal social website are long over with the likes of Facebook and Twitter taking over. However when it comes to music it is still the most popular service for bands to promote themselves and interact with fans. While the standard design is very dull and cluttered at best there are ways to make a myspace music page look great. In this post I have compiled the most gorgeous myspace designs for your inspiration. There’s many more out there. So feel free to link to your favourite myspace in the comments below.

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Anniversary Series: Fudgegraphics Turns One

A little over a year ago fudgegraphics was born. In order to celebrate this special birthday I will start the Anniversary Series. During the next couple weeks you can expect different roundup posts of all the different freebies available on fudgegraphics, the master collection of all featured artists and I will give you an insight into the journey which has been this blog. Another article will concentrate on the future of fudgegraphics. At the end there will be a massive giveaway. I am still looking for sponsors and I would love to have you on board. So please get in touch if you’re interested.

Due to exams I cannot give a definite schedule of all the different posts. Rest assured though that I will do my best to publish the articles as soon as possible. I recommend you subscribe to my RSS feed. This way you won’t miss anything.

Last but not least I want to say thank you. Thank you to all of my regular and new readers, thanks for leaving comments and posting your designs in the fudgegraphics Flickr group. Thank you to my sponsors! And a huge thank you goes out to the whole design community which inspires and supports me.

Happy Birthday!

Why You Should Subscribe to Fudgegraphics


In an attempt to get more subscribers I’m trying to do it the in-your-face way with a huge RSS button. For those who are already subscribed to fudgegraphics: well done! For those who haven’t signed up yet let me tell you why you should do so:

  • It’s completely free
  • You will never miss a post or freebie again
  • You get full feeds on fudgegraphics not just excerpts
  • Read the updates in your favourite feed reader or get them via e-mail
  • It saves you time

If you’re new to RSS feeds don’t fear it’s really easy to set up. Either download one of many desktop based readers such as NetNewsWire or open a Google Reader Account which you can access anytime and anywhere. Alternatively you can subscribe for e-mail updates.

Make sure to visit Colorburned’s 127 RSS Feeds that all designers should subscribe to.

2nd Showcase of the Fudgegraphics Flickr Group

With over 100 members in the Fudgegraphics User Showcase Flickr Group it is time for another roundup. I hand picked my favourite designs submitted which I want to show you now. If you wish to be featured in a future showcase all you need to do is join the group. Thank you very much to all the members and their inspirational designs. This article is for you!
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News: Fubiz Redesign

Fubiz_Logo was one of the first blogs I subscribed to when I got into the designer blogging world. It is run by Romain and offers the latest inspirational designs and videos. The content is available in French and English. And did I see they are an infinite source of inspiration? Usually I would not write about a site redesign, unless it is this site of course, but this time I make an exception. First of all the new look is gorgeous. Secondly the way the new design is presented is incredible. Instead of showing simple screenshots of the new vs. old site they made a video. This is an original and creative concept that I had to share it with you. So here goes:

2 Interviews on Phire Design


AJ from Phire Design started a new series of interviews and I am happy to announce that I’m part of it. The first interview investigates how different people blog while the second one looks into how freelance designers manage their time and assets. It is a very interesting read. Some of the people who contributed are: Adelle Charles (Fuel Your Creativity), Jacob Cass (Just Creative Design), Andrew Houle (My Ink Blog), Calvin Lee (Mayhem Studios), Grant Friedman (Colourburned) and Brian Lovin (Elite By Design). I feel honoured to be amongst those great designers/bloggers. If everything goes to plan I will be a regular in the upcoming interview. The next one is supposed investigate the different Twitter routines. Here are the links for the first to interviews:

How Do You Blog?

How Do You Manage?