Trevor Jackson: Hand Alphabet

I did something like this for my girlfriend once and it took me some time to figure out how to do the different letters. This would have made it so much easier. Trevor Jackson did the whole alphabet. Surprise someone with a personal, ‘hand-written’, message.

Featured Artist: Pete Harrison (aeiko)

Pete Harrison, better known as aiko (eye-co) is a London (UK) based designer who graduated with a Bsc Honours Degree in ‘Medialab Arts’. His clients include Dolce & Gabbana, BMW, Fallout Boy, RBS/Natwest to mention only a few. He also runs his own clothing label called Funkrush. Furthermore you can find him on Deviantart.

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bad service

Just discovered this on I had to share it with you. 


Featured Artist: Jonathan Haggard (skryingbreath)

Today I decided to feature Jonathan Haggard from California. I didn’t find out much about him but I guess it’s enough to let his work speak for himself. He’s better known under the alias of skryingbreath. I discovered his typographic artwork on deviantart. He’s quite busy uploading new pieces and it’s always a delight to see what he comes up with next. He also made some of his work available for sale on etsy.

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Featured Artist: Mike Harrison

Mike Harrison is a 22 year old designer/illustrator currently residing in Plymouth (UK). In mid 2006 he founded as an online showcase of my work. I rediscovered him today while flicking through an old web designer magazine.

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Store sunlight in a Jar: SunJar

Ok it’s not Christmas and Easter is no more, but it’s never too early to put things on your gift wishlist. Well Sunjar by Suck UK is my first item. I mean just think about it. It’s a jar full of sunshine! No wonder it got the prize “gift of the year 2007″. While your at it check it the other stuff on their homepage. It’s well worth a visit and I’ve seen some of their product in Urban Outfitters in London.

sunjar-dark sunjar-drawing

Inspiration: Virb Profiles

I really don’t understand why virb isn’t more popular. It offers everything myspace does plus a lot more. It’s so easy to design the page even with only little knowledge of css. You get widescreen videos, flickr and twitter integration. People are probably over stimulated with all these sites and don’t want to have another one of them. Maybe this will change their mind. I’ve compiled a list of 14 great virb designs which I want to share with you.

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Inspiration: Snowboard Graphics

I was always impressed with the endless imagination used to design snowboards. Hence I put together a gallery of great snowboard graphics. It’s an endless source of inspiration and this is just the top of the iceberg.