Inspiration: Virb Profiles

I really don’t understand why virb isn’t more popular. It offers everything myspace does plus a lot more. It’s so easy to design the page even with only little knowledge of css. You get widescreen videos, flickr and twitter integration. People are probably over stimulated with all these sites and don’t want to have another one of them. Maybe this will change their mind. I’ve compiled a list of 14 great virb designs which I want to share with you.

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Inspiration: Snowboard Graphics

I was always impressed with the endless imagination used to design snowboards. Hence I put together a gallery of great snowboard graphics. It’s an endless source of inspiration and this is just the top of the iceberg.

Free Font: Nevis

Nevis is an awesome clean font by “Ten by Twenty”. I can’t wait to use it in a typographic design.

nevis font

Featured Artist: Daniele De Nigris

I’ve discovered this artist some time ago while I was browsing through BittBox’s Flickr Group. From his Flickr Profile we find out that he lives in Bolognia (Italy) attended the Corsican decorative painting at the State Institute Of Art of Bologna and then got a diploma in Graphic at the IED (The European Institute of Design) in Milan. His work can be described as colourful retro geometric art. It’s tough to really put a name on it so make up your own mind. Visit Daniele De Nigris Flickr Site.

daniele de nigris

Free Textures and Vector Pattern Set

At the moment there are 2 resources packs available: illustrator pattern swatches and textures. Click the image to get to download.

texture pac

pattern set

Cloud 9 Wallpaper

cloud 9

The simple version of my april 08 calendar wallpaper. get it here. Just to specify (you’ve probably noticed though): this work has been hugely inspired by iso50‘s incredible style!. What can I say. Scott Hansen rocks!

Typographic Designs

home is where the heart is

no attraction

Head over to my deviantArt account to see the full screen versions!

killing queen

killing queen

One of my oldest designs. Must be more than a year ago. I had just downloaded the latest bittbox brushes and came up with it.